August 7, 2006
New Toys on the Rise

We're back from Berkeley and enjoyed a quiet, but busy weekend at home.

In the next month we'll be in Rehoboth, Delaware; Rockaway, New York; Long Beach, Washington; and Twin Rivers, Wisconsin. Then we are off to Europe and South Africa. So place your orders now 'cause we won't be shipping from Cape Town!

Octo Pilots
Photo by John Chilese

Can't think of anything to order? Let me tempt you. I've got seven new designs that have just been posted to the web page. Order any of these before August 15, and we'll take 20% off your bill.

And if we cross lines on any of our travels, please be sure to come over and say hello!

Swallows and Swallow "Flock"

Here's great flying experience from New Zelander Robert VanWeers

With the Swallow Flock, you get six kites all attached to the main flying line with an independent tether. The tether allows each kite to lift and dive and swirl independently. The result is a dynamic and realistic flying show.

Swallow Flock

Kites are 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall. Sets contain one each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Connect several sets together for a super flock! Click here for a photo. Your get the six kites, a the tether bridle, and a fabric bag for $100. Note: The flock will fly fine but will launch easier with a lifter.

Large Swallow

Don't want to mess with six kites? Just pick up a single Large Swallow. They are 5 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall. Choose red, yellow, or purple.

A single Swallow will gracefully soar and float. You can use one to lift a flock, or create a large flock by adding several pieces on your own tether line. Large Swallows are $32 each.

Spikey Fish:

We call him Spikey Fish. He's 12 feet in diameter which is plenty big enough to draw attention. Bounce him on the ground or use a lifter to get him up out of reach. We'll make any color combination you like for $499. Licensed & Protected Design by S. Oswald

Spikey Fish Spikey Fish Spikey Fish

Long Spikey Ball Tubes:

We stretched out the Spikey Ball Tube and added more balls. More balls is good, right??

Long Spikey Ball Tubes

Choose your colors and format:
  • Two Balls - $55
  • Three Balls - $80
  • Four Balls - $105
  • Five Balls - $130
  • We've shown the Tube in black with rainbow spikes. But use your imagination and we'll make a set any way you have the balls to fly them...


    The Marconi will dance at the end of your string with so little pull, you'll have to check to make sure it is still there!

    Kite historians know that Marconi invented the radio before anyone made radio towers. So he used a kite to lift an antenna for the first Trans-Atlantic broadcast. But Marconi's kite looked nothing like this!



    Our futuristic flying design measures four feet wide and tall. It is constructed with tough ripstop fabric and a carbon frame. Fly with a matching Transition Tail, or feed it line like a fighter. The built-in stabilizing keel will keep your Marconi from spinning, but you can still maneuver it nicely.

    Available in red, yellow, or purple with black accents for $48. Fly on 50 pound line in 5-20 mph of wind.

    Cube Set:

    Our Cube Tubes have been such a hit, we decided to offer something special.

    Pick-up a matched set and save a few bucks. Order a single, double and triple together. Individually, that would cost you $89. But we'll get you a package deal for $75.

    Cube Set

    5 foot Spot Light Delta:

    Spot Light Delta

    Take center stage with a Spotlight!

    This is a smaller delta with a wider wind range and plenty of dramatic appeal. Black and white accents make the primary colors pop! And the durable fiberglass and ripstop construction is almost indestructible. We've even added two fabric tails for extra fun!

    The Spotlight is certainly our most popular delta design. They measure 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall, and are available in red, yellow, or purple sails..

    Your cost is $19 each. including tails and a fabric bag.


    Pennants are wider than our standard Streamer Flags. And the bold black outline gives them a dramatic profile. Each flag is fully hemmed, abuse-tolerant and fade resistant. They are designed with two tabs at the top so you can attach to a line or create a simple bridle. .


    The leading edge is also designed so you can insert a rod or stiffener and hold it in place. Just fold back the seam, slide your spar in, and fold the seam back over. We don't provide spars because some fliers don't want them. But you have the option of flying your streamer soft or as a more rigid pennant.

    Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, or white.

    Each 25 foot pennant is $29.

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