August 15
Stratoscoops and a Carlisle Sale

Strats from Greens of Burnley are generally regarderd as the most powerful parafoil lifter per square foot.

For the past three years, large Stratoscoops have not been available in the USA. However, we have just been offered a group of them, brand new and unflown, by the Europen manufacturer. The original price of a Strat 3 (28 sq ft) was $231 and a Strat 4 (65 sq ft) was $308.


If you are interested in one of these limited kites, let us know and we will put you on our "reserve list". The colors will be mixed but "bold". No neons or weird combinations. And for ordering in advance, we'll give you a 15% discount off the retail price.

Here's another deal -- we still have a few *excellent* kites by Kevin Shannon in stock. Kevin is preparing a huge exhibit for the Los Angeles Airport and has announced a moratorium on new custom orders. But while we have product, we'll share it with you regular customers at 20% off the normal price. This deal is good until the end of August and is limited to stock on hand.

Roller Roks Genki

Here is what we have available now for immediate shipment:

Don't forget that we head for Europe at the end of August and the office will be closed for two weeks. We'll be checking our emails as offten as the complexities of international communication allow...


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