August 16, 2006
Not Promoting Anything...

Thursday we purged our bags of all liquids, gels and creams. New security measures were in affect and we had a midnight flight East.

Susie and I were headed for Rehoboth Delaware. Each year we’re invited to perform on the beach there and it is an interesting test to see how much a kite show will affect sales at the kite store.

Rehoboth Show!

The tricky part is that you aren’t allowed to fly kites on the beach during lifeguard hours. So that means we set up at 7:30 fly until 10, pack everything off the beach, then come back at 5 and fly until 10.

Rehoboth Show!

Allan Robb joined us with a delightful banner and laundry show. And we were pleased to see local officials didn’t mind since they weren’t kites.

The weather was perfect and it only took fifteen minutes to get kites in the air when the all-clear whistle blew each night. We had a giant Manta Ray, a Dog, Cat, and Caterpillar.

Rehoboth Show! Rehoboth Show! Rehoboth Show!

The crowds were polite and appreciative. In fact the kids were so well behaved we let them run loose inside the ‘Pillar’

“What does it cost??” one woman asked? “Going in is free but we charge a dollar to come out.” I joked. “Fine” she replied. “You can keep him in there.

After the Cat went up Sunday night, I watched mesmerized as a young girl ran back and forth to the surf, bringing back handfuls of wet sand and piling them beneath the kite. Then she knelt down and began to sculpt. Moments later, we had a small mouse with whiskers and a tail!!

Rehoboth Show! Rehoboth Show! Rehoboth Show!

“What are you promoting??” asked one parent. “Nothing at all!” I said. “We’re just having fun!!” “We need more of that,” he said.

Two shows make for a long day. But we had great flying and good fun with Rachel and Bee from Rehoboth Toy and Kite. Their two shops in town are a model of kitre retailing efficiency. And I'd say that even if they didn't sell a ton of G-Kites!!

We’re flying home now and scheduled out on the red-eye again next Thursday. We're invited to fly on Rockaway Beach in Queens A a big plie of Octopus are planned. So don’t be surprised if you find us napping on the beach in New York in the shade cast by a big billowing kite!

See you out there!

Rehoboth Show!

If you like the looks of that Manta Ray we flew in Delaware, then we've got a deal you don't want to miss! The price of a new kite is $4200. This one is well-loved and well-flown. But it lofts well in the lightest breeze and is soft enough now to pack down tight. He has plenty of life left in him and we'll happly keep on flying him. But if you want to offer hiom a new home, we'll take of $1000 and let him go for $3200.

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