September 30, 2006
Off to AKA

The past week has just evaporated! We got home from Africa Sunday night, worked like crazy for four days to try and catch up on shipping, orders, and news. And then we spent two days feverishly preparing to leave for Des Moines and the AKA Convention. I think everything is taken care of. Better be because we fly out first thing in the morning.

Hey -- we just got our new Giant Soccer Balls in. They are 12 feet in diameter and designed for 'rough play".

Of course, that doesn't mean you can hit them with a stick. But there are no extended edges, spikes or other extremities for kids to take hold of. So in a brisk breeze, these ground bouncers should be pretty child tolerant.

Stake them out and stand back! You just need to make sure the kids stay out of the lines or don't crawl inside.

Big Balls

Big Balls

We're making Soccer Balls now in three sizes.

  • 18 inch - designed for display on banner poles - $15
  • 27 inch - a larger windsock or line decoration - $29
  • 12 foot - the big ground bouncer - $400

Order any of our Soccer Balls between now and October 15, and we'll take 20% off the price. And of course, we can make them in any colors you like.

We'll hope to see many of you at convention. Yes, we've stuffed a ton of kites and accessories into boxes and bags for the trip so we can fully stock our FlyMarket booth with good deals and new playthings.

We're only bringing one kite to fly. But it is a very, very big one.... ;)

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