October 23, 2006
Departing for China

Things normally slow down by October. But life at GKPI has been anything but normal this year. We've completed 26 events including seven overseas, and have logged an astounding 130,000 air miles so far. Thanks to all of you, business has been very satisfying. But what that means is that we've been very, very busy.

I was looking forward to catching my breath after Convention when the email landed in my in-box. I was invited to visit China again for the International Festival in Nantong. And how could I refuse the chance to see friends and learn more about the amazing "whistling" kites found there.

Which is why I'm once again packed and headed for the airport.

Chicago Fire Plus One

Meanwhile, here is a fun picture from Des Moines. It's me - third from the right - finishing up a six minute performance with famed sport kite team Chicago Fire. The show went really well, and as Susie observed as our friend's mouths fell open, "Its a math thing...".

With six kites in the air and seven fliers on the ground, it's easy to fly with the pros... ;)

Check back next week for news and photos from Nantong. Meanwhile, we've loaded up the Factory Page with lots of good deals including cheap deltas, new additions to the scratch-and dent, and really good prices on a used giant Manta Ray and Octopus.

And if we happen to meet in the airport, I'll buy the first beer!

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