November 13, 2006
Spinning Toys

You may have been reading about our winter weather on the Oregon Coast. Winds are in the 80's, we have record rainfall, and some roads are washed out. The power was off for a few hours last night. Down at the beach, a couple of houses are in danger of being eroded out and falling into the surf. I guess that is what happens when you build too close to the edge....

And what are we up to during this awful weather?? Designing new catalogs, reviewing kite samples, and testing new toys for the 2007 season! Here's a couple of good deals to tempt you!

Basket on a Stick!

Basket on a Stick: We've taken the traditional 7.5 inch spinning basket and attached it to a 2 foot semi-rigid plastic rod. You also get a set of 2 foot streamers.

This is normally a $7 retail item. But as an introductory special, we'll offer packages of ten for half price. That's $3.50 each!!

Wave them in New Year parades, mark off your kite-camp perimeter, or give them to the kids and have them run around until they are worn out! At that price, you could even afford to buy a batch and sell them in your kite camp!!

Spinning Basket

Spinning Basket:This 10 inch rainbow basket is great for hanging from kites, poles, flying line, patios, car antenna, and just about anything else you can think of. It has a plastic form to maintain the round shape, and 2 foot streamers as well.

The list price is $6 each. But buy a batch of ten and we'll give you a 50% discount. That's $3 each!

This special pricing is only good until December 15 or when we run out -- whichever happens first. So call or email us now.

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