November 22, 2006
China Tour - 2007

We're making plans to return to China in April, 2007. Want to join us??

Kite Capital of the World

We will of course be visiting Weifang to participate in the huge international festival. Delegates will march in the procession, interact with fliers from around the world, and enjoy preferred status at all the local events.

We'll visit the astounding kite museum, see kite factories, and meet local people in a way most tourists never do..

I've been traveling to Weifang since 1989. It is truly one of the great kite spectacles and a special honor for any kite enthusiast.

But our China trips are not just about kiting. They are designed to be a complete China overview with a kite focus. That means we tour, shop, explore and enjoy.

China Experience China Experience China Experience

We値l arrive in Shanghai and visit the highlights of this astounding cosmopolitan city. You値l see the changes that are engulfing China as well as classical gardens, buildings and the old colonial waterfront.

The complete trip is planned for roughly twelve days in late April. We値l stay in first class hotels throughout. Lodging, domestic transportation, all meals, guides, and entrance to parks and museums is all included. The schedule and package price is being finalized now but is expected to be about $1400 per person.

That痴 a lot of money, but less then ten days of food and hotels would cost you in any city in America!

A special treat on this tour will be a cruise downriver through the Three Gorges. This stunning area is slowly being lost to dams and hydro electric plants so the 2007 trip will be a last opportunity to see an amazing but vanishing environment. The cruise will take three days and involve several shore visits.

Three Gorges

Great Wall

After Weifang, we値l travel to Beijing and explore the Forbidden City, fly kites in Tiananmen Square, delight in the Summer Palace, and then climb the Great Wall.

We are planning a group of about a dozen people. And frankly, I'm not sure when we'll be organizing another China Tour.

If you are interested in joining us, drop me a note and we値l keep you on our contact list.

For an overview of our most recent China Tours, check April 2003 or April 2000

If you have been reading recent updates, you know that I suffered a tooth mishap in Nantong. Today I finished up with my local dentist. Always good to have major dental work done the day before a serious eating holiday.

And now I have two new crowns to pay for. Seems like a good excuse for a Crown Sale!

Order a Diamond, Swirl, or Star pattern and we値l take $200 off the list price. This offer is good through December 15. And you don稚 even need any novocain!

Flying Crown
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