November 27, 2006
Kite Geek Gifts

Normally we would have politely declined when the call came in from SkyWatch of New Zealand. Their stuff is cool, but we don't generally have the demand for really top quality wind meters and related accessories. But with a variety of holidays approaching, we thought we'd offer a couple of pieces and see what all of you think. The only catch is that we need to sell enough to fill an order....

The Weather Station got my attention since it can record wind speed and altitude. Imagine listing those details for all you aerial prhotography enthusiasts!

The other interesting piece was a load-measuring scale. Pretty cool to hook one up to a big kite and show to all those folks who want to know how hard it pulls. The Dynometers will measure up to 2500 pounds of pull. But at $1500, we figured most spouses would object....

We'll place orders on December 7 so let me know if you see something you need to add to your bag.

Xplorer 2

The Skywatch Xplorer 2 Wind Meter offers the most popular features in a handheld device -- windspeed and temperature with windchill calculation. Its small size allows it to fit in any pocket, yet its case design makes it easy to grasp. Single button operation allows for easy measurements, and the display has a backlight; handy for lowlight conditions. List $75 - now $46

  • Instant Wind Speed
  • Maximum Wind Speed
  • Temperature of air, objects and water plus Wind Chill Recordings
  • Press one button and instant readings are at your fingertips

Skywatch Xplorer 4 Weather Station is the ultimate kite accessory. This compact and rugged unit not only measures windspeed and temperature, but has an altimeter / barometer and digital compass (which is useful in determining wind direction). With a press of the button, scroll through the air pressure for the past 24 hours. Use the altimeter to record kite height - a great feature for aerial photography! List $127 - now $99

  • Instant Wind Speed and Maximum Wind Speed
  • Temperature of air, objects and water plus Wind Chill Recordings
  • Digital Compass will display wind speed and compass direction simultaneously
  • Barometeric air pressure helps forecast changing weather
  • Altimeter diplays current altitude or altitude history
Xplorer 4

Skywatch Pouch Saves your valuable windmeter from damage, and keeps it handy for instant use.

Impress your friends by proudly displaying the embroidered yellow logo. Attaches to belt, next to your Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman.

List $20 - now $15


UV Watch

UV Master / Seawatch is a unique instrument for measuring the Sun's harmful Ultra Violet Radiation, and alerting the wearer when it gets to a dangerous level. It is also a sports watch, with all the usual timing and alarm functions. List $77 - now $51

  • Current Time Mode: Hour, minute and second / Month, day, day of week and year / Auto calendar from year 2000 to 2099 / Hourly Chime on the hours
  • UV Index Mode: Display range - bar segment and numeric / Alarm: 2 UV Index Alarms / Color Code: 4 colors (green, yellow, red and purple)
  • Daily Alarm / Chronograph Mode: Daily Alarm: 1 daily alarm / Elapsed time, Accumulative Elapsed Time and Lap Time
  • Others: Electro-luminescent back light / Waterproof

If you have been reading recent updates, you know that I suffered a tooth mishap in Nantong. Today I finished up with my local dentist. Always good to have major dental work done the day before a serious eating holiday.

And now I have two new crowns to pay for. Seems like a good excuse for a Crown Sale!

Order a Diamond, Swirl, or Star pattern and we’ll take $200 off the list price. This offer is good through December 15. And you don’t even need any novocain!

Flying Crown
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