December 3, 2006
Susie's Annual Birthday Sale

We'll be leaving Friday on Susie's annual Surprise Birthday Trip. It is a small family tradition. Each year I drop a stupid amount of frequent flier miles to take her somewhere special. We've been to Venice, Athens, Istanbul, and Cairo. Where to this year?? Check back next week for a full report and photos.

We'll be gone December 8 to 15, but as always, will try to answer email and phone messages as we go.

Gallery Visit

Here's a photo of the Birthday Girl I took at a Gallery we visited over the weekend.

(No, we didn't buy the painting.)

We try to make Susie's birthday fun for everyone. And while we can't invite you all over for a party, we can do something else. To reward prompt and regular Update readers, we're once again offering Susie's Annual Birthday Sale. Any kite, tail or accessory we make is discounted 20% between December 1 and December 8, 2006.

Again, this applies only to products we manufacture. You need to mention the Update Sale to get the Update discount. And the dates are specifically limited. However, if you bought something in the last ten days and didn't get the discount, email us before the 8th and we'll give you a credit.

Most shipments will go out on Monday the 18th when we return from --- well -- where we are going is still a surprise...

Used Octopus We still have a used Octopus available in black and red. It is a wonderful kite - undamaged and with years of life left in it.

The list price on a new Octo from New Zealand is $4200. You can get this bargain for $3200 plus shipping. And the good news is that we have the kite in the USA so shipping will also save you a bundle.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Black Octo

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