January 2, 2007
New for 2007 -- Sharky!
Sharky Cover

Sharky has been getting rave reviews across Europe. And now we’re ready to release him to North American skies as well.

This is line laundry and not a kite with independent lift. That means you’ll need a Pilot or other lifter to fly him effectively. A lifter-loop at the nose allows good extension and a full bridle balances the design in the wind.

Ludovico Bertozzi of Italy came up with this whimsical flying fish with the sad eyes and big toothy grin. He inflates through a small meshed vent and once filled, will hold shape effectively even in lighter winds.

Sharky is big too – about 18 feet long. He is priced to fly at $500.

Choose red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple body with either gray or white underside.

To get this cool new piece off to a great New Year start, we'll take 20% on orders placed between now and January 15. Light up your first 2007 fly with a pack in contrasting colors.

Check back next week when we unveil our 2007 G-Kites Catalog. Watch for our giant Genkis, dual-line Stunters, and high performance Sport Kites. We’ve also got new tails and new colors.


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