January 8, 2007
G-Kites for 2007!
G-Kite Catalog

It is damp and dripping on the Oregon Coast today. But we are working hard to be ready for a warm and breezy 2007 flying season.

As promised, we’re posting our new G-Kites catalog so you can see our most recent designs and developments.

The big news is a set of high performance sport kites from Kevin Sanders of Australia. We also have two diamond-wing Stunt Kites for fun flying.

And of course, you can’t help but notice the big 13 foot Super Genki we’re bringing to the sky.

Most of our entry-level G-Kites now come priced a bit lower without line, or with the option of adding a line and winder for a few dollars more. Most fliers already have line and don’t want to buy another set with each new kite. But we are also designing these kites for the mass commercial market and stores that want to offer a “ready-to-fly” package.

Our kites are being construced with molded fittings for a smoother profile and easy assembly. Most pieces are packaged in a matching fabric bag at no additional cost.

Our 2007 series will be unveiled at the Kite Trade Convention in two weeks. We’ll have samples there for buyers to review. So ask your local retail shop to check them out!

We’ve scheduled delivery of the newest models in March. Keep an eye on the Weekly Update and we’ll offer a brief introductory sale on each design as it is made available.

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