January 16, 2006
More Tropical Fish from New Zealand

It was exactly a year ago that we introduced the Marine Tropical Fish.of Robert vanWeers from New Zealand. So it is a perfect time to show you another new one -- the "French Angel Fish" (Pomacanthus Paru). Order any vanWeers Tropical between now and January 25th, we'll take 20% off the $240 price.

French Angel

The French Angel body is a bit wider and the dorsal not as extended as in the Idol. But the big eight foot design inflates quickly and dances gracefully under almost any lifter. All of the Tropicals attach at two points -- a longer bridle where the angle can be adjusted, and a top stabilizing line.

We’re offering the FAF in red, blue, orange, green, yellow, or purple - -each with black accents. And like the other Tropicals, they are priced at $240.

Our first big Marine Tropical was the "Moorish Idol" (Zanclus cornutus if you speak Latin) The Idol has a very long, white, sickle-shaped dorsal fin, two broad black bars on the body, and a colored saddle across the snout.

We make them a bit bigger than you normally find in nature – about 9 feet. And if you are thinking of making one yourself, be warned. There are no straight seams so be prepared to catch up on your curve sewing! It isn’t as easy as it looks!

A string of Idols makes a wonderful impact in the sky. But you can start with one for just $240 and then add more to the line later. Let us know what color you'd like!

Moorish Idol

Longnose Butterfly

The second of our Marine Tropical Series was the "Copper Banded Butterfly Fish" (Chelmon Rostratus), also known as beaked or Longnose Butterfly. We call them LBF for short. They are attached to the line in two places and are very similar in structure to the Idols. They are also a bit complex to build and consist of around 60 panels.

We’re offering the LBF in the hefty 3 meter size for $240. That’s about nine feet. Let us know your preferred colors.

Gomware! Dreaming of warm summer flying days?? They are just around the corner!! All you need is the right clothing!

No problem! We are now fully stocked on short sleeve polos. Choose black or white and let us know your size. Fully embroidered with our cool eagle logo for $25.

And yes, we still have the tough long sleeve pullovers for $35 in black if it isn't quite warm enough where you are for napping on the field.

SS GomWare

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