January 22, 2007
Packing for KTA

Early Wednesday morning, Susie and I fly out to Albuquerque for the 19th Annual Kite Trade Association Convention and Trade Show.

This is a critical year for KTA with the number of manufacturers and full-service kite retailers declining. Industry growth is coming from online vendors who often operate with a lower overhead and choose not to invest in travel to industry gatherings. Perhaps if they did, this segment as a whole would have better 1-year survivor statistics.

Iíll be presenting a series of by-law proposals to the membership designed to make the Association more inclusive, easier to join, and less expensive. But the key question for KTA will be whether a show like this can pay for itself or has enough attendance to warrant the expense by exhibiting firms. Should be a very interesting week.

Banner Catalog

If you read the Update, you saw our new 2007 G Kites Catalog posted two weeks ago. Weíve got the new Windfeather Banner Catalog ready to go now too!

New products?? We have some banner poles that will be turning heads. Iíll preview them in the Update two weeks from now. And we have the ability to do detailed dyed fabric banners that produce complex images and stunning photos in amazing resolution.

Our Sport Kites by Kevin Sanders of Australia are creating a buzz. It was back in 1987 that we started our business publishing books on how to fly those new maneuverable kites. Now we're finally selling the kites too! Check out the video Kevin sent us of his test flights of the Temptation.

Are you a serious kiteflier?? For the past year, we've been sending out hats when people buy big kites. Spend $100 in January or February and we'll give you one too! Just remember to ask for the "Serious Hat Deal".

These brushed twill caps are a Gomberg exclusive. And to prove it, we put our web address on the back. We normally sell them for $20, but you can have one for ten bucks if you have bought anything from us in the past year (or buy something now!)

A seriously good deal!

Serious hat

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