February 5, 2007
My husband has a problem..."

Earlier today, a nice lady called to tell me her husband had a problem. "He has trouble keeping his pole up", she explained.

For a moment, I wasn't sure what to say...

Telescopic poles are wonderfully convenient, but "droop" is a constant worry and embarrassment. No one wants to be out on the field with their pole drooping. Fortunately, we've got a great new product that completely eliminates the problem. In fact, our new modular poles are so effective, they were named the best new product of 2007 by the Kite Trade Association earlier this month.

When selecting a display system, you should first consider what you want to do with it. Some poles are designed for convenience and portability. Some are designed for durable long-term commercial displays. Stronger poles are heavier and more expensive than lighter ones. And of course, we have a selection to meet any of these conditions and applications.

  • Generally speaking, telescopic poles are more convenient for traveling exhibitions. They are lighter and extend quickly. But they have extra parts (end caps and plugs), and sometimes the sections will collapse. Taping the transition will eliminate this problem but that reduces the ease of installation.
  • Modular poles contain multiple independent section that connect externally. They are heavier and more durable than telescopic poles. They don't have extra parts to keep track of. But they also take slightly more time to assemble. ("Slightly" in this case, mean three minutes instead of one minute.)
  • Use a proper anchor. Fiberglass anchor stakes are clean, lightweight, and minimize pole damage.

The 16.5 foot tall WindStinger™ modular fiberglass pole is designed for long-term display and commercial applications. It was named the best new product of 2007 by the Kite Trade Association International.

The "Stinger" is a heavy-duty commercial banner pole featuring our exclusive modular stacking assembly. This pole cannot collapse even during extended use and there are no pesky caps and plugs to keep track of! Each section is numbered for fool proof assembly.

WindStingers are more rigid and better suited to permanent banner or windsock display. It is specifically sized to hold a Windfeather Banners

Coming this Spring -- Add an optional extension section to stretch the WindStinger to 20 feet!

  • Assembles to16.5 Feet
  • Compact Storage of 44.5 Inches
  • Modular Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Cannot Collapse
  • Deluxe Storage Bag
  • Base Rotates With the Wind
  • No Top and Bottom Caps
  • Total Weight - 5 pounds
  • Bright Yellow Finish
  • $75 Retail
  • $84 with Anchor Stake

Delux Storage Bag

Modular Assembly

Reinforced Base

Improved Metal Tip

Upgrade to a WindStinger on any Windfeather banner purchase for $35

The 16.5 foot tall WindRulerr™ modular fiberglass pole is identical to the WindStinger™ except that it it is designed to be slighly more flexible. This makes the WindRuler™ better suited for short-term banner shows.

  • Assembles to16.5 Feet
  • Compact Storage of 44.5 Inches
  • Modular Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Cannot Collapse
  • Deluxe Storage Bag
  • Base Rotates With the Wind
  • No Top and Bottom Caps
  • Total Weight - 5 pounds
  • Gun-Metal Gray Finish
  • $75 Retail
  • $84 with Anchor Stake

Upgrade to a WindRuler on any Windfeather banner purchase for $35

GKPI is the exclusive distributor of Windfeather™ poles to the kite community.

  • 16.5 ft Ringmaster™ Telescopic Pole and anchor stake -- $39.00
  • 16.5 ft Ringmaster™ Telescopic Pole only (no stake) -- $35.00
  • 16.5 ft WindStinger™ or WindRuler™ Modular Pole and anchor stake -- $84.00
  • 16.5 ft WindStinger™ or WindRuler™ Modular Pole only (no stake) -- $75.00
  • 16.5 ft Traveler™ Telescopic only (no stake) -- $29.99
  • 28 ft Heavy Duty Telescopic Pole -- $50.00
  • Solid Fiberglass Stake -- $9.00
  • 10% discount or orders of 6 units.

The 16.5 foot tall Ringmaster™ telescopic fiberglass pole is ideal for displaying everything from Windfeather Banners to windsocks and streamers.

RingMaster is a durable and dependable 16.5 foot telescopic pole. Specifically designed for banner and display applications, the RingMaster features five telescopic sections, a metal base cap, solid fiberglass top section, and a custom metal tip ideal for banners or windsocks. The base section features an extra layer of fiberglass so that you get the strength of a heavy-duty pole at the price of a lighter one.

  • Telescopes to16.5 Feet
  • Collapses to 42 Inches
  • Solid Top Section
  • Heavy Duty Base Section
  • Metal Base Cap
  • Compact One-Piece Storage
  • Total Weight - 1 pound
  • Bright Blue Finish
  • $32 Retail
  • $39 with Anchor Stake

Metal Base Cap

Reinforcement Rings at Each Segment

Improved Metal Tip

We include a Ringmaster and Ground Stake free with each Windfeather Banner

The 16.5 foot Traveler™ is designed for people who can't carry a longer 42 inch pole. It has all the great benefits of our Ringmaster™, but with 11 telescopic sections, it breaks down to just 24 inches. The Traveler™ is perfect for a suitcase, duffel bag, or crowded car trunk.

Unbreakable Metal Base Cap

Collapses to Just 24 Inches

Improved Metal Connector Tip

The Traveler™ is an exclusive Gomberg design. It includes a metal screw-on base cap that won't crack or break, 11 telescopic sections, a solid fiberglass end section for more strength, and an improved metal tip that won't puncture banners and is easy to connect windsocks to. And it costs the same as the standard RingMaster™ Pole.

28 Foot Heavy Duty Telescopic Pole GKPI Also stocks a thick-walled, 28 foot telescopic pole. If you need to display windsocks, or put a smaller kite on static display, this is the tool to use. And it still collapses to 42 inches.

The heavy duty pole has a wider, 2 inch base, nine extending sections, and a flat black matte finish. To extend the pole, simply remove the end cap and tilt the pole down so all the sections slide out.

Kite line can easily be stored on the pole when wound around the two firmly attached brass clips.

  • Assembles to 28 Feet
  • Compact Storage of 44.5 Inches
  • Two Brass Winder Clips
  • Top Ring for Easy Connections
  • Total Weight - 5 pounds
  • Black Matte Finish
  • $50 Retail
  • $59 with Anchor Stake

Wide 2 Inch Base

Nine Tellescopic Sections

Two Brass Clips

Banner Stakes: Many people use rebar to anchor their banners. And that's why their poles break. The metal edges rub the inside of the pole and weakens it. And the metal doesn't flex in the wind. The preferred way to anchor your poles is with lighter weight, flexible and clean fiberglass stakes.

The Get In the Wind stake is a 42 inch solid 1/2 inch diameter fiberglass pole. Buy them in a set with your poles or buy them separately for $9 each.

Pole Sleeves
Pole Sleeves: Want to display more than one windsock on your pole? We've got just the thing!

The exclusive GKPI Pole Sleeve is designed to fit over the 16.5 foot Ringmaster™. It connects to the banner hook at the base of the pole, and contains four plastic snap-hooks spread at three foot intervals from the top.

Pole-Sleeves are $12 each or three for $30 and are designed for small and moderate sized "pole laundry" such as Spikey Balls or Star Pillows.

We're pretty proud of these new poles and the recognition they have received. But we'll be even more happy when we start seeing them pop up on kite fields this Spring.

What can we do to help make that happen??

Tell you what. Order any of our banner poles before the end of February, and we'll take 20% off the purchase price.

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