September 3
Peter Lynn 10 Foot Bears

Susie and are in the air right now, headed for Bristol and Dieppe in Europe. Next week, I'll have a full report on the first festival. Meanwhile, we have great news from Peter Lynn in New Zealand.

The inflatable Teddy Bear has proven to be a delightful success. So far there are just two in the USA -- a giant one with Rod and Cindy Thrall here in Oregon, and a mid-sized model with Dan Whitney in California.

Now Peter is offering a Mini Teddy - a full ten feet tall -- for just $575.

Teddy Bears

These kites are great fliers and have enormous crowd appeal. And while we may call it a "mini", that's only compared to the real Peter Lynn giants. In any other terms, a ten foot kite is a big bag of fun!

We also have two new designs now available from Peter.

Caterpillar: Another fantastic ground device. Caterpillars are built with very few accessible hand holds which eliminates the main problem with Fugus of kids hanging onto spikes and bridles. Because of their smaller diameter they also pull less so are safer in strong winds.

Caterpillars are attached to the line of a flying kite . This keeps the Caterpillar bridles somewhat out of reach of grasping little hands while allowing children to still play under the bouncing body. It also keeps the Caterpillar flying right-side-up.

Fifty feet long and ten feet in diameter, you can own a giant bug for $3150. Just be careful that the lifting kite doesn't break the Caterpillar away from its tether and drag it in a swathe of destruction across the countryside. (We expect to have photos soon.)

Remora: It has the head of a Cobra, the body of a Coral Snake, and the tail of a Rattle Snake. Derived from the original "Eel" design (pictured), the Remora is the biggest serpent anyone will ever see in the sky.

Excellent wind range and stability. The Giant Remora is 90 feet long and sells for $4200. The mid size model is 45 feet and sells for $1750.

Remora Snake

Buy our first Remora or Caterpillar and well take 10% off the purchase price.

Compression Bags: As long as we are taling big kites, we should also be talking about how to transport them. Suitable for all soft kites, Peter Lynn Compression Bags are robustly constructed of Nylon Oxford with cord reinforcements and a lace-up system. After stuffing, the bags length can be halved (depending of course on how much you stuffed in to start with). Bags are designed to hold two giant Peter Lynns and still compress down to meet airline size and weight restrictions. $125 each.

Last week we announced we are taking advanced orders for our September shipment of Poppers. We're getting 100 in and already, 48 are committed. If you want a set, let us know now!

These are the ultimate line climber!! You open them up like an umbrella, the wind slides them up the flying line, and when they get to the kite, they collapse and slide back down. The fun comes when you send them up in sets and the falling one then collapses the next one and so on and so on. Each one makes a loud "pop" as the sail folds up.

And whatever aren't pre-sold will be available at our both at our AKA booth in October. The cost - originally $50 each, is now just $25. And all sails will be rainbow colored.

Poppers are Back!

Remember -- Bristol photos and commentary next week!. See you then!!

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