March 27, 2007
Flying to France

At about four in the morning, Thursday, I head for the airport and then off for 10 days in France. Im returning to one of my favorite international festivals the huge kite gathering in Berck Sur Mer. And this year, Im leading a small team of dedicated Octopus fliers to participate in a world class round-up of the these giant kites. I was involved in the very first Octo-Pile" in California and organized the current record show in Thailand last year. So it will be interesting to see if we can get more than a dozen in the air next week along the edge of the English Channel.


If you call the office, our phone system will explain the following: Were short handed this week. Leave a detailed message well get back to you. Or better yet, send an email. Translation? Susie is swamped here in Oregon and Im answering inquiries day and night from France between kite shows.

Ill be back the 10th. Then on the 16th, Susie and I both head out to lead a team on a kite tour of China. That will last through the 29th. And while we are both gone, GKPI will postpone any shipments. We appreciate your patience and advanced planning.

So were flying big kites this week. That seems a good time to remind you how we get them down and deflated in heavy winds. Its a simple three-step process. (1) Ground and control the kite. (2) Get a solid grip on the back end. (3) Release the bridle and reverse the kite.

Deflation Deflation Deflation

The idea is to get the open end downwind where wind pressure will squeeze the air out of the bag" quickly. Just make sure your drop zone is clear and safe before you let anything go.

Im wrapping up packing today and that requires both planning and precision. Ive got 200 pounds of kites and 10 pounds of clothing. Check back next week to see how the show went ... and what I wore.

We like to offer special sales on the Update. Just in case our scintillating prose, sharp wit, and deft insights to the kite world aren't enough to keep you checking in, we figure a few dollars off on a good kite will.

This week we're marking down all Bouncers, Bols, and Ground Spinners. Does that include Spikey Bouncers and Crowns. Gee, I guess it does.

Email us an order before April 10, remember to mention the Update Reader Sale, and we'll take 20% off. It wouldn't hurt to mention our scintillating prose too!

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