April 15, 2007
Waiting for the Wind...

For all of you a bit jealous of the fine time we had in France last week, let me tell you how to get there.

  • Go to www.Google.com
  • Press Maps
  • Go to "Get Directions"
  • Enter From: Otis, Oregon and To: Paris, France

Be sure to check out Step 41.

A kite festival with no wind can be tedious.

Iíve organized beach-trash kitemaking contests, water-bottle bowling, and impromptu karaoke bouts. And mid-week in Berck, we tried something new.

Now let me say right off that just because you donít understand it and I canít explain it doesnít mean that Cricket isnít a fascinating game

Keven Sanders fancies himself a prize cricket bowler. He took the head off a rubber mallet weíd brought along for pounding in banner stakes and started flinging it around the field. And with nothing better to do, I pulled one of the field markers out to use as a bat. After all, you need something to protect yourself with when a guy is throwing hammers around.

Batsman Scores!!
Great photo by Wolfgang Beick

There is a difference between `bowling' and `throwing': When you throw a ball, the elbow is cocked and used to impart energy by straightening. When a ball is bowled, the elbow joint is held straight throughout. All the energy is imparted by rotation of the arm about the shoulder. It is all a little scary.

Great Wall

Anyway, we are off to China tomorrow.

Our team will be touring Beijing, Shanghai and cruising the Three Gorges. And of course, weíll also participate in the Weifang International Kite Festival. Iíll be trying out my new Aerial Photography rig at the Great Wall.

Susie and I will be back on the 30th.

Email us if you need something. But please donít ask for rush shipping.

We're bringing several new designs back from China at the end of the month. But you don't need to wait that long to get something fun.

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