May 9, 2007
2007 New Event. And New Stuff Too!

While I was in Weifang last week I was interested to hear from some of the Chinese that they were coming to a festival in the States. “Where are you going?” I asked.

“To Active Forest!” ... “Active Forest?? Where is that?”

“Oh – it’s a big kite festival in America!” ... “Where is it? When??” ... “In May. It is in New Jersey.”

I had to think for a minute. “Active Forest. You mean …… Wild Wood???”

For years, we attended the Northwest Stunt Kite Championships in Long Beach. Then sadly, the event drifted away. So it was with pleasure and surprise I leaned the Northwest Sport Kite Championships were being organized at Delta Park in Portland. Friday night, I headed up to join the fun.

I’m told that the odds of good wind are better on the beach. That proved true in Portland. Light breezes challenged the contestants and kept the larger kites in the car. So instead of flying, I judged.


Saturday evening, I also got to judge the indoor contests held in neighboring Vancouver (Washington). The two sites were ten minutes apart.


Many of the Iquad fliers were on hand for both the indoor and outdoor shows. I think I’ll be seeing a lot of these guys. We’ll both be performing in Grand Haven, Wildwood, Ocean Shores and Saskatchewan. Maybe we’ll get a combined show going…. Revs and Octopi!

Meanwhile, we have a couple of new designs ready for you. Order before the end of May and get 20% off.

Spikey Birds!!

Here is the coolest attention-getter on the beach!

Spikey Birds attach to your flying line. The wind fills them up and then the long legs dance across the sand.

Turn a herd loose on your kite field!

Spikey Bird

They have two bubble eyes and a dozen large spikes. Each foot is zippered so you can add a handful of sand to make them stand up straight.

There are two line connection points – one on the top of the head, and another at the front of the mouth. Each bird stands eight feet tall on a ball about three feet in diameter.

Buy one for $75 or three for $200. Available in your choice of colors.

Spikey Bird
Spikey Bird



These intricate windsocks will fill your sky with color.

Choose the 12 foot model for $49 or the larger 18 foot piece for $65. They are made from dozens of piece of fabric, sewn together in a delightful geometric pattern with a long tapering tail. We can make rainbow or any other color you like. Licensed & Protected Design by S. Oswald

That's all for today. See you in Grand Haven, or Wildwood, or Ocean Shores, or Saskatchewan ....

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