May 22, 2007
Quads and Oh My Gods!

We're just back from a grand weekend in Grand Haven Michigan. As always, the event was filled with fun and surprises.

On the south end of the field, there was plenty of space for open flying. Closer in, Revolution and Prism offered learn-to-fly sessions. The demo field, with music and commentary was busy all day every day. And then further north was the fighter kite competition and our large kite field.

Serious Kitefliers

And of course, right in the center, Mackinaw Kites erected a 5,000 square foot sales tent. That meant for three days, they boasted the biggest kite store in the country.


Sport kite performers like Chicago Fire, Lee Sedgewick, Sam Ritter, Lam Hoac, and the Detroit Windjammers have always been the mainstays of Grand Haven. But this year, a new team with a lot more lines showed up.

John Barresi brought I-Quad for their first visit to Michigan and added an entirely new dimension to the performance schedule.

The core team of six is offering great synchronized shows. But by publishing standardized maneuvers and command calls, any proficient flier has the training tools they need to join the group.

By the end of the weekend, ten kiters were in the air. It was hard to tell who was new and who was a full team member.

Meanwhile, there were no slouchers down on the big kite field.

First thing Saturday, we pulled out the new Peter Lynn Crab. Not only is he the first one in the USA, this was actually the very first Crab made. Susie and I carried him home from China and unveiled him in Michigan.

As you can see, he is a departure from other Lynn designs but still plenty of fun and lots of power too. Of all the kites flown at Grand Haven, this was the only one to pull an anchor out!

Big Kites
Big Kites Big Kites

Other kites in the air included Octopus, Manta Ray, Fish, and Bears. I anchored a pair of Caterpillar at ground level and climbed inside when the wind turned cold Sunday.

Octo Quad
Octo Quad Octo Quad

Saturday was a perfect flying day with smooth, brisk winds. Toward the end of the show, we pulled up Al Sparling's 90 foot Octopus and dragged him into the main arena.

I-Quad danced around the big target, taking turns grazing the fabric with careful passes and maneuvers. Then Lee and Sam brought out the big stacks.

Watch for more Octo-Quad as both GKPI and I-Quad head for Wildwood, New Jersey; Ocean Shores, Washington; and Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Indoor Flying
Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

The other Grand Haven highlight, was of course, the Friday Night indoor show. A large appreciative crowd watched the no-wind flier nudge kites around the gym. No one was judging the results and everyone got an ovation.

Mega Quad

Sunday the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the winds came up. We put a few big pieces up but left the bulk of the show in bags. And the bags came in handy to block the blowing sand.

Blowing Sand

The last performance of the day was the Mega Quad Fly. I got up off the beach and ran over to join the line up. And while I wasn’t always in perfect position, I didn’t cause a single crash!

We flew home Monday and have been packing boxes like crazy since we landed. I'm off to Wildwood Thursday morning. See you there!

Giant Caterpillars:

So if you liked the looks of those Caterpillars up there, maybe you'd like one of your own. Big pile of fabric for the money - and nice place to get out of the wind. Major kiddie pleasers too!

They are 10 feet tall and 50 feet long. Huge!!

List price, as you know, is $1400. But order one between now and the end of May, and we’ll give you a 25% credit -- $350 to spend on anything else you buy.

You get to choose the colors too! For more details, click here.

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