June 4, 2007
Ocean Shores: Misty Beach

When summer hits the Northwest, warm air on the landbase rises and the cool air over the Pacific is drawn on to the shore. As the two temperatures mix, the cool air quickly fogs up. And the result is warm and sunny days a thousand feet inland, and cold damp beaches. Basically it looks like this:

Misty Socks

Susan and I drove up the coast Friday afternoon to join the Ocean Shores Kite Festival. Beaches are big and hard packed up there. You can drive right out to the edge of the field and offload a pile of gear! Some folks even lined up RV’s for a kiter-tailgate party. (It will be a great AKA Convention in October!!)

Big Kites in the Fog Big Kites in the Fog Big Kites in the Fog Big Kites in the Fog

The sky was full of fabric. But there were times you couldn’t see kites up there at the end of the line. Moisture collected on flying lines, dribbled down, and pooled up on the sand near each anchor point.

Summer on the beach! Come June -- we strip down to just one sweatshirt!!

Fog Quad

Still, this was a fine and well-attended event with a ton of kites up, a well-run sport kite competition, a free pot-luck banquet, and plenty of warm hugs.

Crowded Skies and Limited Visibility

BTW – The new Crab continues to get lots of attention. People keep asking what he costs. And the answer is – the same as all the other giant PL kites – about $4200.

Sorry – no mid-size models yet. But if you want to request the first one, the price will be just under $2000.

Since this is a new design, these will be made in New Zealand and not by GKPI yet.

So that wraps up four events in a row for the Gombergs.

We’re planning some private time the next two weekends and then finishing June by covering two events at once – the Summer Kite Festival here in Lincoln City with Susan and Al Sparling , and the Windscape Kite Festival in Swift Current, Saskatchewan Canada for David.

Check back next week for a special offer on some classic kites from England made by a well known but seldom seen kite master.

Beach Birds

16 Foot Magic Delta:

It's a fine kite but we're making some changes and closing out the older models. That means some savings for you!

We packed our biggest delta with lots of special features. Check out the heavy duty framing, elastic spar connectors for quick assembly, and an open keel for increased stability in gusty winds.

Overall size is 16 feet wide and 7 feet tall. The design includes three tail connection points along the trailing edge. List price is $199. While supplies last, we have Magics for 30% off -- just $139.

Choose Desert, Moonglow, or Sunrise. Click here for photos.

Radian Delta

Magic Colors

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