June 11, 2007
Collector's Alert -- Waldof Anniversary Boxes

Waldof Box

In 1977, Peter Waldron (or if you prefer - his alter ego Prof Waldof) produced a startling new box kite at his workshop in Bewdley, Worcestershire (UK).

The idea had been merely to stretch the maximum sail area on a lightweight frame of equal length sticks (so that it would pack down really neatly) but that simple aim had the effect of creating a thing of surprising beauty. It soon inspired many others around the world to design innovative cellular kites.

Introduced to the US by Judy Neuger at What’s Up in 1978, KiteLines Magazine said ‘The designer’s signature on this kite is obvious. Nothing about it just happened. Even the materials are planned with an attention to detail that testifies to the sophisticated mind of its inventor, Peter Waldron. For instance, all the nylon pieces, including cells, wings and tubes for sticks, are cut from nine-inch wide strips of rip-stop, a very well planned use of 36” wide material. The kite leaves you feeling that you could rediscover the Professor’s careful planning one piece at a time and still have one more surprise.’ … ‘The step-by-step instructions add their own pleasure, unfolding slowly the imaginative design of this beautiful sky sculpture.’

Waldof Box

Waldof Box

The kites were hand made in Worcestershire for nearly 20 years, and featured in countless books, magazines, publications, and at festivals over that period.

Peter Waldron says ‘It was a fantastic pleasure in 2006 to discover via the internet, the great affection and interest that still existed, especially in the US, for these kites. I decided that the forthcoming 30th Anniversary was the ideal time to make them again, but strictly as a limited edition of just 50 kites.’

‘We picked the first color combination made back then, and still my favorite - yellow, green, blue and purple - and the original size and specification.’

Remembering all the intricacies of the kites took a little time, as did devising a system capable of giving the ‘fraction of a millimeter’ sewing accuracy the kites demand.

Prof Waldof Box Kites present 42 surfaces to the wind and the eye (nearly 30 square feet in all) but that relates to 66 pieces of RipStop and 60 feet of sewing, not to mention 18 ribbon loops, 20 pieces of braided line, 12 sticks slotted 18 times, and a nylon centre drilled 8 times!

The limited edition has therefore been the best part of a year in the making, but the first few are now ready for new owners, who will also receive individual instruction sheets, including pictures and the story of the Waldof Box.

I first met Peter at the Long Beach kite festival about 15 years ago. His kites were delightful and were only slightly overshadowed by the impression he made with his long white hair blowing in the wind.

We’re delighted to have been asked to promote the Special Edition Anniversary Box.

We will accept orders for the next six weeks and have kites shipped direct to you from England. Prices are $200 each – including shipping.

Waldof Box

New Product -- 100 Foot Rainbow Ribbon:

Leave a trail in the sky! Our new 100 rainbow ribbons are made from tough nylon sailcloth and will add excitement to any kite. Use them to accent a traditional kite or for “skywriting” with maneuverable kites.

Each multicolored ribbon is 100 feet long, hemmed for durability, and constructed with a reinforced eyelet. The durable nylon fabric will stay bright for years.

Rainbow Ribbons are priced at just $25 each. Buy some before June 20 and we’ll give you a 20% introductory discount. Just remember to ask for the Update Readers Spcial!

Rainbow Ribbon

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