July 2, 2007
Lincoln City: A Sky Full of Fabric

LC Show

Some readers were startled when I wrote a few weeks ago that Susie and I were splitting up.

Didn’t I make things clear?? I was doing an event in Canada while she was helping fill the sky closer to home here in Lincoln City. And she did a great job!

Lincoln City is located right on the 45th parallel - half way between the Equator and the North Pole - where North America meets the Pacific. The experts tell us this makes for perfect flying conditions with nothing to interrupt the off shore breezes but the Hawaiian Islands several thousand miles away.

LC Show LC Show LC Show

The event on June 23 and 24 made the most of the small beach. Smooth winds blew northward, showcasing the larger kites and making life easy on the demonstration fields.

LC Show

Al Sparling and Phil and Barbara Burks lofted giant Octopus. (Check out the one-of-a-kind rainbow tentacles!) Ed Jensen added a pair of giant crowns. Doug LaRock flew his 252. Thanks Al for these great pics!

Susie added the Giant Caterpillar and organized the Running of the Bols.

I wasn't there, of course, but I'm told this kid was completely swallowed up just after the photo was taken.

One thing we have learned is that large kite fliers put on a better show – and go home happier – when they sit down first thing in the morning to coordinate plans.

Anchors can be shared, space allocated, and everyone gets a turn in the spotlight. If you are lucky, someone may even enjoy digging anchor holes!

Next summer, Lincoln City is considering an Octopus Extravaganza. Mark your calendars now for what may turn out to be a record-breaking show!

LC Show

Next weekend, we’ll be at the Westport Kite fest in Washington State. Then we head south to Brookings, Oregon, and Berkeley, California. It’s a busy West Coast month. See you out there soon!

Beach Balloons

Beach Balloons:

Last year we introduced our cool Beach Balloons at the LC Festival. They've been a huge hit!

Set a batch out on the sand (or lawn or anyplace else!). They sway back and fourth in bright colors.

You get ten different colors in the bundle for just $35. Quantities are limited on this introductory offer. We'll see how they go and decide whether to make more.

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