Westport Show
July 16, 2007
Westport: Park and Fly

Westport, Washington is a pretty cool event. They have sport kite competition, kitemaking contest, mass ascensions, fighters and stuff for kids. But for me, the real treat is that you get to drive down to the beach, pull up to your flying spot, and park the car right there.

As long as the tide doesn’t come in too far, life is pretty good!

Susan and I decided to make this a one-day event. So we left the house at five and had our kites on the beach by 10:30.

Westport Show Westport Show Westport Show Westport Show

Winds were a bit light, but smooth and warm. Up and down the beach, the sky was filled with color

Westport Show

The Saturday banquet was crowded.

Barry Crites is stepping down as president of the Westport Windriders after 12 years. I know better than most how that feels. But the club enjoys a wealth of talent, energy, and good will. I’m sure the group – and the event – will be just fine.

We're off to Brookings in Southern Oregon next! See you there!

Spikey Bird

Spikey Birds:

Spikey Birds attach to your flying line. The wind fills them up and then the long legs dance across the sand. They have two bubble eyes and a dozen large spikes. Each foot is zippered so you can add a handful of sand to make them stand up straight.

We've got a flock on the shelf and want to see them on your field instead. So how about a 20% discount between now and the end of July. That means $60 each.

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