August 11, 2007
Never Fly Everything....

If you empty all the bags and put all your kites in the air, then you'll never have something soft to sleep on.

The fact is that kite travel is tough. You leave home early to get to the airport, you fly all day next to crying kids, and you stay in hotels that aren稚 always conducive to good sleeping.

Wrestling larger kites into the air can be physical work. You are the first one on the field in the morning and the last one off at the end of the day. And between shows, you socialize with friends or chase internet connections to answer emails faithfully and fast.


I知 not complaining, mind you. In fact, I love it! I致e been traveling over 100,000 miles a year and doing it since 1990. But there comes a time when the wind is blowing smooth and the kites are flying themselves and that big long kite bag, half filled with fabric looks comfortable and inviting..

GomSleep GomSleep GomSleep

The next two weeks are a good example.

We fly out Tuesday at 6 a.m. for New Brunswick, Canada. Since we池e supposed to be at the airport two hours early, and the airport is two hours from home, it means leaving the house around the time the bars close here at the coast. With two layovers, we land at 9 pm, collect 200 pounds of gear, and head for the hotel. We'll say hello to the other fliers, grab a bit of dinner ... somewhere, and then start on email.

GomSleep GomSleep GomSleep

The event in Dieppe should be grand! There will be a great show in the air, an appreciative crowd, and good friends participating from around North America, Europe, and Down Under. I知 looking forward to it! But when you are on the field from 9 in the morning until 7 at night, it is harder to keep up with emails and return calls. Typically I知 up at five each morning banging on the laptop.

GomSleep GomSleep GomSleep

We値l fly home early the following Monday after five great days of kiting. There will be orders waiting for Susie to pack and ship and we値l work to get them all out on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then early Thursday, we depart for Long Beach.


So to whom ever snapped all these photos and emailed them to me -- Thanks!! I was having fun, and I hope it showed.

And if you should find me on a future kite field, holding down a bag, please know that I知 fully conscious, and completely aware of my anchors, line and lifters. Either that or Susie is in charge.

See you out there somewhere soon!

Idol Fish Clown Fish French Angel Fish

We池e cleaning out our Fish Bag!

Over the last year, we致e been carrying samples of the wonderful flying fish designed by Robert VanWeers of New Zealand. Some have been flown several times. Some have never been out of the bag!

The list price is $249 each. But we値l take off $60 on each one. And if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason once you receive the shipment, we値l replace your sample with a brand new one.

Quantities are limited to the following:
  • Clown Fish orange / white/ black
  • Idol Fish red/black/white
  • Idol Fish red/black/white
  • French Angel Fish purple/black
  • French Angel Fish red/black
  • Idol Fish yellow/black/white
  • Idol Fish blue/black/white
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