September 9, 2007
Calm Before the Storm

The next seven weeks are going to be a bit crazy. I’m flying to San Francisco for the Family Day Kite Festival on Marina Green. I come home Sunday night and leave Wednesday for Lunen Germany.

Monday the 24th, I get back to Oregon, but depart Thursday for Buffalo New York and the Niagara International Kite Festival. Monday, I fly back, met Pete Dolphin at the Portland Airport, and drive straight to AKA in Ocean Shores.

The Week after AKA is the Lincoln City Fall festival. Two days later Susie and I fly to South Africa for a week. Then at the end of the month, we go to Wrightsville Beach for Mike Agner’s event in North Carolina.

When people ask if I’m traveling less now that I’m not AKA President, I just smile…

Cascade Head

Meanwhile, Susie and I just celebrated our 21st Anniversary. Since the actual date was on Labor Day, we decided to stay close to home. The only traffic moving during the holiday weekend had sirens and lights on top! But we did get out for an invigorating climb to the top of nearby Cascade Head.

Central Oregon Central Oregon Central Oregon Central Oregon

On Wednesday, with the holiday over and traffic clear, we stuffed our folding bicycles in the back of the car and headed inland for three glorious days in the high Oregon Desert. The hotel was perfect, the food great, and with our big hats and little bikes, we looked about as funny as anyone could while having fun.

Next time, we plan to ride horses....

Meanwhile, we’re rested and ready for an intimidating international schedule. Susie will be staffing the office for the rest of September while I jet from field-to-field. Before Fall is over, we should see lots of you out there. Looking forward to flying with you!!

Banner Set

Six-Piece Banner Set

One of our dealers ordered a set of six banners back in January and then changed their mind. So the box just came back to us.

These are the solid-colored or “basic” Windfeathers --- 16.5 feet tall with bags, poles, streamers, and all hardware. We have one each or red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Its an instant ground show!

The current price is $100 each, or $600 for the set. But due to the odd circumstances, we’ll sell these six to the first caller for $475.

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