October 29, 2007
South Africa - Part 2

Our first day in Cape Town we were taken to a radio station to talk about the kite festival. But with the Rugby World Cup finals just two days away and South African SpringBok poised to confront the English, no one was thinking kites.

“So Susan” said the interviewer, counting on Americans to know little, “do you think Percy’s foot will be on form Saturday??”

SpringBok Fever! SpringBok Fever! SpringBok Fever!

“Montgomery is an exceptional player”, replied Susan." But he is no Joel Stransky, and at age 31, I worry that he doesn’t have the distance. Look to a younger player like Steyn for longer kicks. The British have been weak the past few games – barely beating the Americans. But Wilkerson is back now and that will improve their play. Still, I fully expect the Bokke to donner them Saturday night in Paris….”

Well, that is almost what she said. And besides, you aren’t supposed to say “donner” on the radio.

Susan and I had wanted an “African Experience” after the festival, but this was something unexpected. Being there during the Cup Finals was a special treat. The country was brimming with pride and enthusiasm. And when the Bokke won 15-6, the whole country went wild!!

Speaking of wild, we spent two days at the Aquila Game Reserve this trip. It was not as extensive or emotional as past excursions further from Cape Town. But with limited time, the closer park seemed a worthwhile option. Better to see things than not!!

Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari

Aquila had a good variety of animals, but not the larger quantities we had seen in other places. But that was fine. Four Rhinos is plenty when they are running toward you!

Wildlife Safari

The standard tour included two "game drives". The second was at 6 in the morning, and came complete with a light dersert rain. Before showers and breakfast, we spent some time in the Cheetah enclosure. Cheetah, it turns out, are the only large cats that can be domesticated. I wonder how they found that out….

Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari

We rented a car and drove through the Southern Cape, stopping for lunch at a winery and exploring the majestic vistas with the help of a GPS unit. The GPS didn’t stop us from being an hour late for dinner with friends. We’d misunderstood the directions and turned into some neighborhoods where the residents were as surprised to see us, as we were uncertain to see them. But that’s a longer story.

It is now Spring in Africa and the Protea are in bloom. In fact, the entire country is flowering. But we are home shaking off the jet lag and hard at work filling orders or making plans for 2008 production.

Wednesday night, we take the red-eye out of Portland and head for North Carolina where we plan to join friends on the beach near Wilmington. Mike Agner has an event there that is growing by leaps and bounds. Rumor has it there will be another stack of Octopus…

See you out there somewhere!


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