November 17, 2007
News About the Kite Runner -- and a Special Favor

OK – here is the deal –

The Kite Runner, a best selling novel by Khaled Hosseini, is due out as a major film release at the end of the year.

DreamWorks Pictures has organized a series of contests and a blog to support the film. The current leaders are all book clubs. I want to put a kite group in the lead.

The Kite Runner

With 100 people signed up in the “club” I can get a screening of the film here in Lincoln City. But I’m aiming a bit higher. I’d like to win Susie a first-class trip to the World Premier in Los Angeles for her birthday. And to do that, I need your help. I need about 500 registrants!

The Kite Runner

Can you help??

To sign up, you just follow these four steps.

Heck -- if you have several family members, sign them all up!

Any other prizes the group earns will be donated to AKA or World Kite Museum. And after you sign up, go to the main site for the film and check out the cool kite graphics, the movie trailers (advertising), or download the screen savers and icons. Click here for all the details.

That's all! Kiting gets some visibility, you get access to the Kite Runner blog, Lincoln City gets a movie, AKA gets some prizes. And maybe I get to surprise Susie with something extra for her birthday….

Thanks so much for your help. And please help spread the word!

The Kite Runner

Birthday Sale Continues!!

Susie’s Birthday is coming and that means we’ll be marking down a variety of cool stuff each week between now and mid-December.

This week we are promoting Ground Bouncers. Check our our Bouncers, Bols, and Ground Spinners . Between now and November 30, order anything you see there, and we’ll give you a 20% discount.

All you need to do is mention the Update Birthday Sale.

Flying Crown

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