November 26, 2007
Notes for the End of November

Item 1: Last week, we asked your help in recruiting “team members” to help win a birthday prize for Susie’s birthday. We’re in the top 25 nationally, which is great. But we still need 100 more registrants to make the top five.

Each registrant needs a unique name and email address. If you haven’t signed on (costs nothing), please check last week’s update for instructions. And if you have signed up, maybe you could recruit your wife or girlfriend. (there is a bad joke there, but we’ll let it go…)

As a small incentive, we’ll offer any team member 20% off on anything we make between now and January 31

The Kite Runner

Item 2: We’ve just received the first of our new inflatable Sea Horses. Designed by Lucy Jonkman, Kerry St Dennis, and Carlos Simoes, this fun piece of line art stands about four feet tall.

Aquatic inflatables connect to a flying line from the head, and then are suspended from a lower tow-point by a full bridle. Wind fills the shape out through two mesh panels.

We’ll make you a Sea Horse in any colors you like for $40 each. And as an introductory special, we’ll take 20% off between now and the end of December.

Oh, and before you ask, yes, we are working on a larger one already.

Sea Horse

Item 3: Thanksgiving was busy at GKPI. We brought a new Samoyed Rescue home to join the family. Meet “Trump” (the one with the big tongue). Our older Sammy is Casey.

Both are working well in the warehouse each day now. If you find wisps of white fur in any of your packages, you now know where it came from.

Rescues and Shelters are a great place to find pets if you are looking for one. If you need help or advice, Susie is an expert.

Susie and Sammys

Item 4: We are considering creating an “affiliate” program to promote one of our web pages and also to support our best customers. Basically, you put a banner on your site, and if someone clicks through to GKPI, you get a commission.

If you have a web page and are interested, drop us a note.

Birthday Sale Continues!!

Susie’s Birthday is coming and that means we’ll be marking down a variety of cool stuff each week between now and mid-December.

Since we just introduced the new Sea Horses, let's go ahead and mark down everthing on our People Parts and Animal Sock Pages. Between now and December 15, order anything you see there, and we’ll give you a 20% discount.

All you need to do is mention the Update Birthday Sale.

Flying Friends

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