December 6, 2007
The Storm With No Name

What I want to know is, how come when other people get storms like this, they get to give them names??

The Update is a bit late this week. Saturday night, “twin” back-to-back storms came ashore here on the Oregon Coast. Winds were consistently over 70 and gusted to 125. Not much later, the power went off. The phone stopped working. We were (of course) without internet. Water pressure (electric pump) evaporated. Even cell service was down.


Eating by candle light and snuggling by the fireplace is sorta romantic at first. But three days without a shower will drain the romance out of any situation. Sitting in the dark gets boring.

We’re safe, thank you. No serious injuries in our small community.

North of us, towns are flooded. The highway into the valley is blocked. Interstate 5 in Washington is closed. The region is a mess!

Monday we organized some neighbors into a chainsaw party to clear the large tree that fell from the neighbors and blocked the road. Tuesday morning, the phone started ringing. We could get incoming calls but not dial out. Then Tuesday night, the cell phones started blinking. Phones came back up and we connected to the net with a dial-up. Later that night, the power came back on.

There are spots in the county that are still without power or phone service. We’re working hard to get caught-up and back to normal. And we’re doing our best to help neighbors worse off than we are.

Thanks for your notes and your concern. We’ll have brighter news next week.

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