October 1
Chicago: 2500 Paper Sleds, 35 mph Wind, and Us

It is the Windy City. And it is definitely windy. Gusts are howling over the skyline and out toward Lake Michigan. Dust from the dry soccer fields is swirling shoulder deep. And we are out there hanging onto a couple of big ones...

This is the second September we have traveled to Chicago for Mayor Daley's Kids and Kites Festival. Paper sleds are everywhere. Susie, Al Sparling, Bob Rymaszewski, and I spend the day launching and re-launching our Octopoda and Squid. And we have a great time doing it.

Big Kite Field

Big Kite Field .

The show is just one day affair, so we have time to sightsee and shop. Our host, the Mayor even arranges for us to stay in the lakefront Hilton Towers. Nice! And this just a week after being wined and dined by Neiman Marcus, we are getting spoiled! The Rio in Wildwood will never look the same....

Now it is Monday and we are headed to Florida for the AKA Convention. It will be a week of fun and friends. Check for a full report next week.

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