December 18, 2007
So What Happened With the Kite Runner??

We’re continuing to work the Factory this winter, filling last-minute orders and working on new designs. After New Year, we expect to have rotating Wheels and Cogs from New Zealand, a large new Flying Fish, and a delightful giant inflatable Parrot from Germany.

Our G-Kites catalog will be unveiled next week with some fun new designs too.

And meanwhile, we have two kites from Spain and have super-sized two popular laundry pieces. Check out the Opera Mask, and Red Devil below. Also check the10 foot Sea Horse and a 20 foot Clown Fish. Order any before the end of the year and we’ll take 20% off!

Many of you have emailed to ask about the Kite Runner competition. How did we do? Well, here’s the story.

The “Gomberg Team” quickly qualified for a free screening of the film. Problem was that power, internet, phones, and lights were all out. The Studio emailed and called us to make arrangements. We couldn’t answer.

Opera Mask

Chinese Opera Mask:

This intese flying creation measures ten feet wide and thirty feet long with the connected tube tails. It is patterned after the classic performance masks of the Beijing Opera.

This is a great flying kite, designed by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain. He's completely soft, fully inflatable and performs with or without a lifter. Mesh openings and zippered vents help with inflation and deflation. (Click on the image to see the entire kite.)

Pick up one of these spectacular kites for $1250.

When the lights came back on, I called them. A show was quickly set up and on two days notice, we got 50 people together for a free advanced peek at a fine movie.

Of course, our real goal was to win a trip to the premier and red-carpet in Hollywood. The rules said the six “most active” teams would be invited. And we worked our way up to seventh largest nationally. Not bad considering we were competing with the New York Book Club and University of Southern California.

Red Devil

Red Devil:

This is a great flying kite, designed by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain.

He's completely soft, fully inflatable and performs with or without a lifter. The face is ten feet wide and with the three tails, the overall length stretches to 30 feet.

Pick up one of these spectacular kites for $1250. The standard color is red, but we'll make one any way you like.

But I watched the other clubs closely and was frustrated to see one group add 1000 members in a single afternoon. Another group posted 500 members in a two-hour period. I knew how hard it was to recruit people and this just didn’t pass the “smell test”.

So when I spoke to the Studio about the free screening, I also asked about the other prizes. They agreed that the top teams were suspect. But they also said that “most active” didn’t mean most numbers, it also mean most posts to the group blog. And that didn’t console me much, since I’d tried to use the blog without success. Al Sparling and Chuck Sigal also gave it a shot. And if they couldn’t post, then I knew something was messed up.

We’ve just received the first of our new inflatable Sea Horses. Designed by Lucy Jonkman, Kerry St Dennis, and Carlos Simoes, this fun piece of line art is supported by a kite line in two places and swims realistically in the air.

Aquatic inflatables connect to a flying line from the head, and then are suspended from a lower tow-point by a full bridle. Wind fills the shape out through two mesh panels.

We’ll make you a Sea Horse in any colors you like. Choose the standard 5 foot Horse for $40 each or "super size" up to the 10 footer for $200..

Sea Horse

I told the Studio that we’d do Forum posts, sent out bulk emails, organized a web page and done local press releases. The major and council of our small town all signed up! The Studio said we’d definitely be considered. But then they also added that because the contest had been extended, that time to bring people to the premier was very tight. They’d decided to offer the cash prize option instead of the red-carpet trip.

Cash?? Instead of paparazzi?? I told him we just weren’t all that interested in a check. And that’s the last I heard of it.


Did you know that once a "Clownfish" (Amphiprion percula) selects a host, it never strays far?? Sounds like the perfect addition to any kite bag.

Our inflatable Clown is loaded with extra details. Check out the spined dorsal fin, rounded eyes, and deflation zipper. Attach it to your flying line by connecting the top stabilizer, and then attaching the front bridles.

We offer two sizes -- 10 feet long for $240 or a huge 20 foot Clown for $350.

Clowns are found in nature (and also in Disney films) in varieties of red and orange, but we’ll make them any color you like.

The good news is that two days later. A box arrived filled with pins and leather bookmarks. And of course, those of you that supported the effort earned them. So – if you took time to join the “Gomberg Team”, send me a self-addressed padded envelope with $1.30 in postage attached, and I’ll send you a pin and bookmark.

And don’t forget to unsubscribe from the Kite Runner email service!!

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