January 1, 2008
G-Kites for 2008!
G-Kite Catalog

The New Year has dawned with clear crisp sunny skies here in Oregon. That's a great sign for good flying in 2008!

As promised, we’re posting our new G-Kites catalog so you can see our most recent designs and developments. We have some fantastic carbon framed lightweight working kites, and some fun new soft kites with an innovative new design. Read on for more details.

Windfeather Banner Catalog

Our 2008 series will be unveiled at the Kite Trade Convention next week. We’ll have samples there for buyers to review. So ask your local retail shop to check them out!

We’ve scheduled delivery of the newest models in March. Keep an eye on the Weekly Update and we’ll offer a brief introductory sale on each design as it is made available.

I'm excited about our new "Softie" series. The kites have a single layer sail with inflated cells standing out on the kite's surface. They aren't foils, aren't sleds, and aren't rigid kites either. Each measures roughly 25 square feet, and comes complete with line and a handle for $50.

Duck Face Happy Face Cool Guy

Our other new additions this year are a big carbon-framed delta we call the Falcon, and a efficient lifting kite designed by Brooks Leffler and Michael Anderson which combines the best elements of a Flare and a Sled. They are calling it, of course, the Fled and we think it will quickly become a favorite among KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) enthusiasts.

Our other news is that we have our new sister site online now. Take a look at G-Kites.com. This is our effort to work with the more general consumers that are looking for a quick shopping cart experience. We've tried to provide more information than most of the generic kite sites, but have limited products to the G-Kites brand. Custom products and show kite designs will continue to be the focus of GombergKites.com

You might be interested in the statement of Philosophy we've posted to G-Kites.

    Kite flying is fun. We take our business seriously, but always remember that what we are selling is the joy and awe of flying. If you don’t have a smile on your face, we aren’t doing our jobs!

    We’re committed to customer service. We answer all emails and phone calls promptly, maintain inventory to minimize backorders, and ship most orders within 24 hours. We fly what we sell and work to be knowledgeable about our products, about kite flying, and about the kite community.

    We perform at twenty to thirty kite events each year to display our products, talk with customers, and understand kiting trends. Over the past 20 years, the Gomberg Family has held leadership positions in regional, national, and international kiting organizations.

    We are committed to responsible environmental practices. GKPI has eliminated most disposable packaging in favor of permanent storage bags, limits paper consumption, and recycles all waste materials.

    We are a small company, first formed in 1987. Our long term success has been based on innovation, efficiency, and hard work. We feel fortunate to be able to work in an industry that we are passionate about. In 2004, Gomberg Kites was named one of the top three small family businesses in the State of Oregon.

Looking for some great kites?? Check out G-Kites.com.

Specializing in Great Flying Kites, Customer Service,
and Environmentally Friendly Products

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