January 7, 2008
January Bag Cleaning

It is damp and cold on the beach. But we're here staring a huge pile of travelings bags and deaming of sunny skies.

We've got pieces we flew all last season, and some that we added just before the very last show. Heck -- we even have some that have never been flown. But it seems like a good time to clean things out in preparation for a new kite year. And that means you can pick-up a deal while supples last.

Today we head for the Kite Trade Convention - this year in Portland Oregon. Email us any bag-sale orders. We'll be back in the office Friday.

Caterpillar: The Caterpillar is a great ground bouncer!

First of all, it is big really big - ten feet tall and fifty feel long. Second, the Caterpillar is designed to be children/abuse tolerant. There is nothing to grab hold of! We even let kids inside to look around! And finally, it is good looking.

List price is $1400. Bag sale price is $1100.


Mid Fish
Mid Fish - Cool Colors: One of the largest profiles of any "medium" sized Lynn kite! One of the lowest prices too! Just $1000. But this bag sale Fish is 20% off -- just $800

He's 20 feet long and 10 feet wide with gleaming teeth, huge eyes, and long flowing fins.

Gecko: The Lynn Gecko is one of our favorite kites. He doesn't fly -- he climbs into the air.
  • Blue 45 Foot: List $1400. Bag sale price is $1100.
  • Purple 25 Foot: List $450. Bag sale price is $350.
  • Red 25 Foot: List $450. Bag sale price is $350.

Packy Elephant Foils: We have a red, a blue, and a yellow.

Don't let the photo deceive you on scale. This fun foil is 13 feet wide and 25 feet long! Designed by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain, "Packy" is completely soft, fully inflatable and performs with or without a lifter. Actually, is a smooth breeze, I've used them as lidters!

List price is $700. The bag-sale price is $550 each.


Meanies! Check out the fashionable sunglasses, the confident glint in his eye, that dazzling smile, and the too-cool-to-be-on-a-kite footware. This guy is absolutely our most popular big kite.

  • Meanie - red
  • Meanie - blue
  • Meanie - purple

List prices is $1100. Bag Sale price is $900

303 Solution: Blue Octopus:

OK -- here's the story. We've gotten in some larger kites that didn't inflate well. Originally, we thought there was a bridling problem. It took forever before we noticed all the problem children were blue and ordered at the same time. That's when we began to test the fabric.

Turns out we got some poorly-sealed nylon. Looks great, but doesn't hold air.

The Kite Studio (kitebuilder.com) offers a product called 303 that you spray or paint on and is supposed to seal things up. If you are willing to give it a try, we'll offer the kites at 50%! And if it doesn't work or you aren't happy, we'll refund your money.

Octopus -- 45 foot - blue: Was $1400 -- now $700

Blue Octo

Red Devil

Red Devil:

This is a great flying kite, designed by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain. He was brought to Long Beach, flown there, and left with me. And I'd be happy to leave him with you next.

List price on the 90 foot giant is $5000. We'll send him off for the holidays for $4250.

Sharky: Ludovico Bertozzi of Italy came up with this whimsical flying fish with the sad eyes and big toothy grin. He inflates through a small meshed vent in the nose and once filled, will hold shape effectively even in lighter winds.

Sharky is big too about 18 feet long.

We've got a red one in the bag -- Normally priced to fly at $350 - bag sale price is $280.


Mini Octopus

Octopus - 20 Foot:

We have several on the shelf just waiting for a new home. They have been spayed and have all their shots!

  • Octopus - red
  • Octopus - teal
  • Octopus - yellow

List prices is $400. We'll take 20% off of you'll give one a new home. That's $320 while they last.

Longnose Butterfly

Marine Tropical Series

We're stocked up on fish again. And we're looking to clear the shelves before year end. That presents an opporunity for Factory Regulars like you!

Check them all out on our People Parts and Animal Socks Pages.

  • Clown - red
  • Clown - orange
  • Long Nose Butterfly - orange
  • French Angel Fish - orange

List price on any of these line fliers is $240. But order one listed here and we'll drop the price to $199.

Spikey Birds!! Here is the coolest attention-getter on the beach!

Spikey Birds attach to your flying line. The wind fills them up and then the long legs dance across the sand. Here's a chance to turn a herd loose on your kite field!

List price is $75 -- we have red ones in the bag for $60 each.

Spikey Bird

Peter Lynn Kitty
Click on the photo.

Giant Cat:She is 40 feet tall and guaranteed to scare the heck out of any mouse in the neighborhood. And we promise your new Kitty will be the biggest hit on your flying field too.

The inflatable Cat is a great flier, but you will need to use a pilot kite for stability and light-wind lift.

Current price is NewZealand$6400 which converts to $5054 in US dollars. Used price: $4000.

Dog Days

Flying Dog He is big and happy with long flappy ears, a drooling tongue, and a long wagging tail. The Dog inflates through vents above the eyes and includes a delation zipper in the back. Use a Pilot kite to lift him just off the ground for a great show!

Current price is NewZealand$6400 which converts to $5054 in US dollars. Used price: $4000.

Manta Ray
Click on the photo.
Ray: Multi-colored sting ray kite with realistic swimming motion. One of the first giant soft kites, recently re-designed using the new "Super Ripstop" Now one of Peter's best performers.

Current price is NewZealand$6400 which converts to $5054 in US dollars. Used price: $3500.

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