January 18, 2008
See You In the Movies!!

Charleze Theron

I spent Tuesday morning with Charleze Theron.

Yep – that’s right – the South African actress from The Italian Job, Aeon Flux, and Cider House Rules who won an Oscar for Monster. Click here for more information.

A new film, The Burning Plain, has several scenes filmed in Oregon and I was cast for a restaurant setting here at the Coast. There were fifty “extras” in the room, but I somehow ended up with the best role of the day. I’m the guy she spoke to and poured a glass of wine for over and over through twenty takes. Not bad – and I got paid $73.40 too!

Of course, you have to show up at 6 a.m., have your wardrobe pre-approved, go through make-up and hair, and then do rehearsals. I even got a temporary new “wife”.

At this point we interrupt this Update. The phone just rang and I’m told they need “upscale” cars for a parking lot scene. Can I be there in 20 minutes?? Hollywood is so demanding! Sure hope the car doesn’t get a better role than I did!!

Making movies is fun and interesting. You get to see how the process works, how the script changes, how the characters develop and evolve. The director checks you out, places you in the scene, and gives you, well, direction. But the process is also slow and makes for a very long day.

At first I found it curious that they wanted a darker tie with my gray suit. The restaurant had been painted gray as well and the windows tinted. Of course, nothing in filmmaking is an accident. With the dark waves crashing outside the window, I read in a scene synopsis that the colors were intended to portray inner anguish, and contrast to the secondary plotline in dray, warm New Mexico.

Unfortunately, no private cameras were allowed on the set so you’ll have to wait for the film to hit theaters for any pictures. The director is Guillermo Arriaga who wrote Babel in 2006. And since you ask, Phil, yes -- she is even more stunning in person...

As for kite news, we returned from KTAI in time to catch the end of the Oregon Kitemakers Retreat.

I drove up on Sunday hoping to catch people at lunch and say hello. Unfortunately (for me) most of the group was adjourning and heading for home or the airport.

Kite Retreats are a great opportunity to learn the tricks, if not the trade. Experts come in and provide kits, instruction, and advice. Plus you get to hang with a lot of other people doing the same things.

Here’s a few photos from “OKR” taken by Bob Matteo.

Sunday night, Susie and I fly off on the Annual Birthday Trip. We’re burning a huge pile of frequest flier miles and headed for Peru and the ancient Inca city of Machu Pichu. We’ll be gone until the 29th.

I'm not yet sure how well email will be working as we climb higher into the Andes. But we'll do our best to answer any inquiries as quickly as possible. And when we get back, you can bet we'll have a great report to share.

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