February 12, 2008
Fish Fly -- Bigger is Smaller and Smaller is Bigger

Kite flying is all about choices. What to fly?? How to maximize the show? How do you stretch your investment??

We’re adding two interesting sizes to our flying fish repertoire this week. One is a smaller version -- which means less money for a similar kite. The other is a larger addition -- bulking up the piece if you want to spend a bit more. The fun comes if you decide to mix and match. or create a flying school

The Peter Lynn Fish is one of our most popular inflatables. It has a huge bulk size and modest price. The 30 foot model is $1000.

And now we offer a reduced size Fish at 20 feet long and just $650. That’s a great price for a super impact in the sky. Choose stripes or solid colors.

Peter Lynn Fish


Our inflatable Clown Fish is loaded with extra details. Check out the spined dorsal, extra fins, rounded eyes, and deflation zipper. Less cartoonish and more interesting. Attach it to your flying line by connecting the top stabilizer, and then attaching the front bridles.

The 10 foot Clown has been doing well so we decided to boost him up to 20 feet and really dominate the flying space. The smaller model is $240 and the larger one – twice the length which means for times the volume – is $500.

Susie and I fly out early Wednesday for an exciting overseas performance. We’ll be back on the 18th with an astounding report. Trust me – this will be the biggest kite show ever held anywhere!!

Between now and then, we’ll be checking emails so let us know if you need anything. And remember to stay warm out there!

Fish Fly Sale!

It wouldn’t be like us to offer a new kite and not also offer an introductory sale to Update Readers.

We want to see our new fish in the sky! To help that happen, we’ll take 20% off our already low prices. Just order between now and February 20.

While we’re at it, we’re trying to move a few pieces out of the Factory Outlet Scratch and Dent section. Mention this sale and take an additional 10% off if you order before the 20th.

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