October 10
AKA Convention

Susie and I are just back from the Convention in Treasure Island, Florida. Her back is peeling from too much sun, and my feet ache from hours spent on stage running the Auction and Awards Banquet. Other than that, it was a fantastic week. And yes, after a six year break, I was honored by the membership to be asked again to serve as President.

AKA is really the best of all kiting events. There is way too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. We were running every minute and hardly slept at all. But it was well worth it to see friends from all around the country.

So here is the problem. We didn't get any pictures to share with you. And of course, if we don't show you pictures, you won't keep coming back. So what we are going to do is invite all of you to send or email us *your* Convention photos. We'll pick the best ones, load them into an update in November, and give a cool prize to the best ones. Sound fair??

Meanwhile, to keep you interested, we'll offer some deep discounts on our most popular kites. That way you'll feel it was worth the trouble to drop by. Here goes...

Extend Wing War Kite

Extend Wing Cody War Kite:

Nearly eight feet wide, this extended wing Cody is absolutely stunning. As the name suggests, the sails are longer than usual and the added top sail "deck" provides more stability as well as an opportunity to use a contrasting sail color.

The normal price of these beauties is $475, but we are discounting them $100 through October to $375 plus shipping. We currently have red, blue, and light blue, each with a black topsail. We also have a standard wing, five feet wide in blue, normally $425, discounted to $325.


Ghost Deltas:

These big, 11 foot deltas with long flowing tails dominate the sky. They are each made in Germany by Frank Schwiemann. Put a white one up at night and you'll quickly see why people call them "ghosts". The secret is the special soft ripstop that lets the 33 foot tails float on the lightest breeze.

The standard price on one of these imported kites is $400. Through October, we're taking 15% off and selling what we have in stock for $340 each.


Kevin Shannon's Freedom Rok:

You can fight them if you want to, but these kites are really made to fill the sky with color and beauty. It's the five foot tall Freedom Rok.

These are the best made commercial roks you can buy! They are edge bound for strength, and back-cut to allow the sunlight to illuminate the design. The Freedom is normall $150 but you can have it for just $120. That's 20% off just for logging in... Call us quick!

Stars and Stripes Rainbow Parrot
Open Sign Sale Sign Kites Sign Stripe

Windfeather Banners:

We've put the show on sale! These are our 16 foot feather banners with poles, and fiberglass anchor stakes. Everything in stock is now 20% off.

Stars and Bars - normally $200 - now $160
Rainbow - normally $150 - now $120
Parrot - normally $320 - now $250
Open, Sale, or Kites - normally $150 - now $120
Stripe - normally $120 - now $95

Check out more than 50 different banner desings in our
Banner Pages

So remember last week we said it was windy in Chicago??

Check out this photo from the Sun-Times. Eight year old Kevin O'Hara was hanging onto the soccer goalpost and his kite too when the dust and gusts hit.

Next week Susie and I are off to Seal Beach in Southern California, and then the week after over to Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. See you out there somewhere!

Dust and Gust

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