February 24, 2008
Next Up: Zilker, Thailand, and Guam

The festival schedule for the next three weeks is a bit intense.

We’re flying to Texas next weekend for the 80th Zilker Kite Festival. We coordinate the show kite field there.

Zilker Park Kite Fest

Then, with less than 24 hours home, we leave for Bangkok, Thailand, where were coordinating a program with Ron and Baew Spaulding similar to the one we did two years ago. We’ve got seven Americans, 8 Europeans, 4 Australians, 3 New Zealanders, and 2 Japanese in the program we’re responsible for.

Asian Kites Asian Kites Asian Kites Asian Kites

Instead of coming home from Thailand, we take a side trip to Guam. This will be our fourth visit Kites and Wishes -- and event that generates fun while raising funds for a wonderful cause. Each year, more and more fliers come from around the Pacific Rim to this near perfect event.

Kites For Wishes

Susie and I leave the evening of the 28th and will be back in the office on the 17th.

As always, if you need anything, please email us. We’ll be checking and responding daily. Thanks for your patience with our three-weekend absence. In return, we promise some great reporting from festivals around the world.

Our last Update on the Three-Flag Show in Kuwait has been getting a great response. Andrew Beattie has also now posted a blog and more photos. (It took him longer to finish as he was typing with one hand.) Click here to take a look.

While in Kuwait, the Peter Lynn team unveiled a new kite. (No pun intended about the veils…)

Check out the Cuttlefish!

This is a standard giant kite in the same size and price ranges as the Octopus or Squid. Nice colors. Good flight characteristics.

Let us know what you think!!

Cuttle Fish

Between now and February 28 - take 20% off our Extend Wing Cody:

This is absolutely the finest Cody Kite on the commercial market. Originally made in Germany, these stunning kites by Lutz Treczoks are now produced in our Asian factories. The quality is the same but the price is substantially lower.

Cody Kites

The extended wing War Kite with a top sail is the premier kite of its genre.

As the name suggests, the wings are longer and the added third "deck" provides more stability as well as an opportunity to use a contrasting sail color.

Carbon framed with vertical tensioners and multiple support lines, each kite is 102 inches wide and 47 tall. GKPI has five exclusive color choices available -- priced at $215 each.

  • Red with Black topsail
  • Yellow with Black topsail
  • Blue with Black topsail
  • Purple with Black topsail
  • Black with Red topsail
Click here to download an assembly instruction sheet.

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