March 25, 2008
March "Blow-Out" Sale

If you read the Update from Zilker, you know we got beat-up pretty good in Austin earlier this month. Everything we took out of the bag suffered some kite of damage.

Most were blown seams or stress tears and weve already made repairs. But this seemed a good time to offer a Blow-Out Sale and clear a few items out of our travel bags. Everything is 100% guaranteed. If you dont think it is a good value after you look it over, just send it back for a refund.

Well add everything to the Factory Update later this week. Update readers get first shot.

First up we have a couple of Fish.

The smaller one (top) is our new 20 foot PL Inflatable. This is a smaller version of the standard 30 footer and lists for $650. We have the rainbow model shown here.

As far as we know, there is no damage. But well let it go for $500 anyway. Pop it up, look it over, and let us know what you think.


Our second item is the larger, warm colored Fish here. It is a full 30 feet.

This inflatable suffered several seam rips and stress tears. Im thinking it needs about an hour of repair time.

List price is $1000. Well drop the price to $700 if you patch him up. That is well below wholesale. And like I said before, you you look him over and decide the price isnt more-than-fair, send him back!

Flying Turtle
Click on the photo.

Kite number three is a giant inflatable Turtle. This is a powerful and visual kite that requires and rewards competent flying. Eight feet wide and sixteen feet long. A lifter loop at the nose allows you to use a Pilot for stabilization and improved performance.

We have one in light green and dark green, special ordered by a customer who then returned it because well, Im not sure why. But if you want to give it a try, well drop the price to $1000. And if you find something wrong, you can send it back.

Weve got a purple Sharky. This whimsical flying fish with the sad eyes and big toothy grin is pretty cool. We yested him in Zilker before the wind really kicked in.

Sharky inflates through a small meshed vent in the nose and once filled, will hold shape effectively even in lighter winds. Hes is big too about 18 feet long.

We priced the Sharky at $350. Twenty percent off that is $280.


Two Baskets

This one wasn't flown in Austin. it arrived the next week from our Factory as a "extra" and needs a home.

7 foot Spinning Basket. Great for "Bol Races" or ground displays.

List price is $90. You can have this one - red and black - for $70.

Susie and I will be staffing the Lincoln City Indoor Kite Festival this weekend. There is rain and sleet predicted for "spring" break so it couldn't be a better time to fly indoors. Then Thursday I'm off to Berck and the World Sport Kite Championships. Au revoir et bonne chance !

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