March 31, 2008
Lincoln City
Ultra Light Kites and Perpetual Motion

Friday morning, we got four inches of snow. The phone rang early. “What about the kite festival??” my friend asked. “Not to worry.” I replied. “They are holding it inside…”.

Spring Snow!

Festival Crowd

For five years, Lincoln City has hosted an Indoor festival in March.

This is not just a competition. The three day event includes kite making, flying lessons, and a fully choreographed hour long program which is offered four times during the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, there were 500 people in the stands.

The program was organized by Lee and Debbie Park. Performers included Scott Weider, Lam Hoac, David Hathaway, Amy Doran, Todd Rudolph, Paul DeBakker, Penny Lingenfelter, Allan Cunningham, and Jeff Reed.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

Photos don’t do an indoor fly much justice. Squint at these and use your imagination. Or better yet, take a look at the four short videos we have posted.(Double click for full size.)

Lincoln City and the Visitor and Convention Bureau present three festivals each year. Next up is the June gathering which will include a huge gathering of Giant Octopus.

Meanwhile I’m off to France and the grand festival of Berck sur Mer later this week. I’ll be planning daily reports on the World Sport Kite Championships starting Tuesday.

Inflatable Airplane: Here's the ultimate fun kite. It is completely soft with no sticks or spars. It can be 'stunted' on two lines or staked out on display.

A single plane, looping and swirling in the sky is a treat. One or two make a fine static display. And a standard full squad, staked out on a tether anchor really stops traffic.

The list price on these ten foot maneuverables is $400. But through April 10, we'll mark them down to $300. Each kite is made to order in your choice of colors.

Airplane Kite

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