April 24, 2008
Come Fly With Us!

GKPI is involved with three exciting projects this year, and you are invited to join us! We have some great opportunities for flying, travel, and networking with other fliers. And in each case, some of the expense will be covered.

Octopus Fly in Lincoln City!

Calling all giant Octopus! We may not break the record, but we’re sure gonna have fun!!

Lincoln City, Oregon, selects a title for their three annual events based on a letter of the alphabet. And this is an “O” year. So we’re planning to put “Oodles of Octopus” in the sky. The beach is a bit tight and the water cold, but the welcome will be warm.

The Summer Festival is June 28 and 29.

Saturday night, Octo Pilots will gather at the Gomberg home to swap stories and compare flying techniques.

Al Sparling, Mike Agner, Jeff Burka, Dave Hoggan, Tom Zach, Dennis Hawley, Brian Champie, Phil Burke and Barry Ogletree have already committed.

That means we have fifteen giant kites and two OLO pre-registered.

Octos at Ocean Shores

If you have a big one and want to join the fun, let me know as soon as possible and we may be able to arrange complimentary lodging and some meals for you.

NY Ballon Fest

New York Balloon and Music Festival - Kites Too!!

We’re doing a kite show at the New York Balloon and Music Festival from August 8 to 10. And that show includes a launching of The Mega Flag.

Kites and balloons are a great combination. The balloons go up early – before the winds arrive. And they draw a huge crowd. But once the balloons are gone, you have wind, people, and a huge open space!

In addition to the big flag, were also flying a pack of Octopus, Manta Ray, Teddy Bears, Fish and other large designs. So we've got a grand show planned. Want to be part of it??

If you’ve got a big inflatable and are available to join us at the festival, let me know asap. We have limited opportunities for lodging, travel, and some compensation.

Come to Africa with us!!

South Africa

In late October, we return to the Cape Town International Kite Festival. We’re looking for fliers to join the group. And in return, our hosts are arranging a local tour and some discounts on lodging, food, and transportation.

Climb Table Mountain, visit the Cape of Good Hope, fly with the kids at Kyalisha Township, and visit the spectacular tropical gardens. Sample the wine country and scamper among the Penguin at Bolder Beach. Or take an optional trip out to dive with the Great White Sharks.

And then, of course, there is the chance to be treated like a star at the largest kite festival in Africa. All activities will benefit our friends at the Cape Mental Health Association.

This is not the full tour package we have organized in the past. That means it isn’t nearly as expensive! You get a great introduction to Cape Town and the local cultures, scenery, and history. Stay on a few days and visit one of the wonderful wildlife reserves.

Air tickets from North America are a bit spendy. But this could make a very economical and fun trip from Europe!

Please let me know if you are interested and I’ll get you more details.

The Children of Kyalisha

Melon Tubes

One Week Only - Line Art Sale!

Order between now and the end of April, we’ll take 20% off any of the great pieces found on our Fantastic Line Art and Laundry pages.

Choose Lightening Bolts, Spikey Balls or Cube Tubes. We’ve got Pillows, Bubbles, and Chains. Even the 50 foot Watermelon is included.

We’ll also take special orders for custom colors. But the offer absolutely ends when April is finished.

Check out the 30 foot Bubble Tube in rainbow. Each ball is 24 inches in diameter.

The list price on one of these great line decorations is $120. But this week, we’ve marked it down to $96 along with everything else in the Line Art pages.

Bubble Tubes

Sale is limited to the Line Art pages. only and does not include other line laundry found on different pages. Sorry!

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