October 17
The World Famous Gombergs!

It is now official. We don't make this stuff up! Posters were spread all over town for weeks:

Seal Beach Poster

We are just back from a wonderful weekend at Seal Beach in Southern California. The beach was fantastic, the weather perfect, the community picturesque, and the people warm and gracious. The worst I can say is that we ate way too much good food, and slept too well after Glen Rothstein ended the evening with a coffee drink containing vodka, Baileys, and Amaretto that he called the "Happy Glen". And since I don't like coffee, I just had them leave that part out...

Crowns on the Beach Octopus and Squid
We flew our standard big kite show while sport kite performers and competitors worked the adjacent field. In between, Rod and Marti Milburn added dramatic art kites to the cloudless skyline

Rod & Marti Milburn Rod & Marti Milburn Rod & Marti Milburn

The Seal Beach Festival was organized by Aire Affair, the Southern California Sport Kite League, and Up Up and Away Kites. Susie and I want to thank everyone involved for the warm welcome and fine hospitality. We also thank Dave Goss for the use of some of these photos.

In Stock and Available for Immediate Shipment - Painted Ripstop Rokkakus by Martin Blais.

Martin Blais Rok Martin Blais Rok Martin Blais Rok Martin Blais Rok Martin Blais Rok

Trust me when I tell you that these images are as bold and dramatic as any painted in Japan. The artistry is stunning and the craftsmanship is excellent. But these roks are *better* then the Japanese ones in one important aspect. They aren't made of paper.

All of Martin's kites are designed with long lasting, durable paint on an uncoated ripstop nylon sail. They look and feel like authentic washi paper. But unlike the Japanese art piece, you can fly them, you can store them in your bag, and you can even get them wet! Your design should never fade, crack, or diminish with use.

And one other thing -- They are less expensive than Japanese kites too -- just $300 each.

Check out Martin on our KiteMasters Guild for more information on his painted ripstop designs. Call us now and ask for one of the kites shown above.

On Friday, I'm off to North Carolina to take part in the Atlantic Beach Festival, courtesy of Jerri and Don Dixon at Kites Unlimited.

Let's see -- week one was the Gulf, week two the Pacific, and now the Atlantic Shore. If anyone calls from a festival along the Bering Sea, please tell them I just can't make it...

I'll be home in November, and then off to Hong Kong in December to see some special friends. Cheers!

DG on the Stage

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