May 1, 2008
Five New Designs

We’re bringing in tons to stuff for people, and working to develop new designs at the same time. Here are five we unpacked this week.

Monday I ran down to the beach to get some photos. I carried bags out onto the sand, set my anchors, put up the Pilots, and then the sky opened up on me. By the time I got back to the car, the kites, the camera and I were sopping wet.

When the rain stopped, I tried again.

Order a Parrot, Pine Cone, or Taper Tubes between now and May 10, we’ll take off 20%.

Parrot: One of these big inflatable birds will look great perched over your flying field.

This award winner was designed by Otte Harm-Dierk of Germany and is licensed exclusively to GKPI. They stand about ten feet tall and fill through inflation vents in the chest. A deflation zipper makes take town easy.

Like all inflatables, the Parrot works better with a lifter.

We’ll make you Parrot(s) in your choice of colors – including the body and wing-tip / tail accents. They are priced at $450 including bag and drogue.

Smiles all-around guaranteed!


Falcon Delta - Exceptional flight in a wide wind range. Our best delta!

The Falcon is a big delta – over ten feet wide – that flies at an exceptionally high angle and an unusual range of winds.

We recommend 100-200 pound line for 4-20 mph of wind.

Falcon Delta Kite
Click on the image to see all three colors.

We built the Falcon tough, with a carbon frame, molded fittings, and a lightweight ripstop nylon sail.

Falcon Colors

Falcon Delta Kite
Click on the image to see all three colors.

These are great kites for recreational flying, but also practical tools for lifting cameras or other lightweight equipment.

Design features include a high-aspect-ratio profile, an extended billowing keel, and a velcro center spine attachment that allows the kite to be stored in the 45 inches fabric bag.

Like all of our deltas, the leading edge spars are sewn in place so they won’t creep up to the nose. Click here to see colors. Available in rainbow, warm or cool colors for $90. Click here to see a photo of all three kites.

Pine Cone

Pine Cone

Here’s a bumpy new drogue from Charlie Watson down in New Zealand. It measures about five feet long and is made up from a dozen colorful cones with black accents in front and back.

Use Pine Cones on your kite, hang several on a flying line, or display them from a pole.

Standard designs are rainbow but we can make them up in custom colors as well. Just $21 each. Licensed & Protected Design by C. Watson

The Fled – when nothing else will fly.

Combine the best design elements to a Sled and a Flare kite, and you get the Fled.

This is a stable, strong, light-wind kite that flies at a high line angle and is perfect for lifting a small camera or line art.

The Fled

We’ve constructed the Fled from ripstop sailcloth and carbon framing. They are 5 feet high and 6.5 feet wide. Use 100-200 pound line in 3-12 mph of wind. Fled Colors
Fled Kite

The Fled is very forgiving. It will fly with or without a drogue, and with or without bowing the spreader spar. But we’ve attached a bow line and drogue because flight is more stable with both. The kite assembles quickly and requires no bridle adjustments.

Designed by Brooks Leffler and Michael Andersen. Click here for assembly instructions.

Available in red, purple or gold with black and white accents. $99.

Taper Tubes:

Standard tube tails inflate with wind, but the drag is focused in the rear sections where the air is trapped and begins to build resistance.

Taper tubes build resistance right away since the size diminishes across their entire length.

That’s the theory anyway.

Taper Tubes

Our 55 foot Taper Tubes begin with a six inch opening and reduce to a point with a small opening (to let the sand out). We offer them in all primary colors with a black/white accent strip one-third of the way down.

The price? Less than a dollar a foot -- $50 each. And remember all tubes are 20% when you order sets of three. Licensed & Protected Design by S. Oswald

Taper Tubes

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