May 5, 2008
New Sport Kite -- New Savings

Gary MacEachern of Brookings, Oregon, wanted a perfect kite for his multiple kite routines and long, long tails. He chose the best materials and designed a big-wing for a wide wind-range and smooth flight. Then he asked GKPI to make it for him.

We're fully stocked now. And to celebrate, we'll take 20% off any sport or stunt kite we make. Check our Dual Line Stunt and Sport Kites pages. Offer is good through May 15.

Looking to fine-tune your sport kite flying?? We have losts of tips and tricks on our Educational Pages,.

The Gull (Big 8.5 foot wingspan)

The Gull is ideal for ballet, precision, or fun flying

Kite experts looking for reliability, smooth flight, and a wide performance range have embraced the Gull. Designed by Gary MacEachern of Oregon, the Gull has over 12 square feet of sail area but weighs a mere 10.5 ounces. The result is a large and graceful sport kite that easily produces smooth turns and straight lines.


  • Wingspan: 103 inches (2.6 meters)
  • Height: 53 inches (135 centimeters)
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces (297 grams)
  • Frame: dynamic T18
  • Sail: Icarex P31
  • Three color choices

The Gull

The Gull

The Gull is well suited to fliers of all experience levels. It was originally designed with steady and predictable flight for performers of multiple kite routines.

  • Big 8.5 foot wingspan
  • Superior lightweight frame
  • Steady and predictable flight
  • Wide wind range
  • Ideal for long tails
The superior lightweight frame is capable of withstanding 15 mph winds but will fly in as little as 3 by a novice and in zero wind by an advanced flier.

Whether you like to fly one two or three sport kites at a time, or paint the sky with long transition tails attached to the keel, this kite will put a smile on your face.

The Gull is available in three color choices and retails for $170.00. We can add a set of 100 pound dynema flying lines and straps for $20.00.

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