May 13, 2008
Tail Tale

While it may occasionally seem otherwise, the truth is that we don’t travel every week. The latter half of April, we’ve been in the office trying to catch up on orders and new products. That said, in the next month, we’re scheduled into Grand Haven, Michigan, Wildwood, New Jersey, Ocean Shores, Washington, and Saint-Honoré in Quebec. We follow up the Canadian trip immediately with a big Octopus show here in Oregon. So watch the Updates for lots of news, and watch for us on your local flying fields.

Super Deal - Ribbon Tails - 33 cents each!

We don’t usually use the Update to highlight our mistakes or promote Factory Outlet postings. But this is too good a deal for someone. Here’s the story…

Our Spotlight Delta is a great kite and one of our most popular pieces for retail stores. But the November shipment came in with the tails connected by small strings rather than by the usual metal clip. And that’s not the way we wanted to sell them.

So with our most recent bulk delivery, we brought in a thousand new tails and began cutting the old ones off. That was some fun!!

The Spotlights are all set now and no one would know the difference. But we have a big box of ribbons that need a new home. They are 8 feet long, 2 inches wide, fully hemmed, and come in sets of three. There is an open hem at the top where you can attach a stick, or loop, or clip.

Ribbons Ribbons Ribbons

Choose (A) blue/purple/light blue, (B) red/blue/black, or (C) blue/yellow/red

We normally sell tails like this for $6 each. But we're closing these out at $2 a set. Set up a display - spread them around the neighborhood kids, or use them for a club fundraiser!! Attach a hundred to your flying line -- or just one down near the ground so no one runs into it.

Here's the special deal for you Update readers: Buy 50 sets (150 ribbons) and we'll let them for for a buck a set. That's 33 cents per ribbon!

Remember to designate what color sets to send you, and call soon. We won't sell them all at once, but someone is sure to order all we have in the color you want.

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