June 5, 2008
Bits of String Too Short to Save

Here’s a few notes we’ve been holding to share with Update Readers

Susie and I are booked the next seven weeks in a row. After some quiet personal time this weekend, we’re off to Ocean Shores, Washington. Then Saint-Honoré dans l'Vent in Quebec, the Lincoln City Octopus Fly at the end of June, and then ten days in South Africa at the start of July. (We’re going back to CapeTown in October with a team.) We’re also doing Brookings, Berkeley, and then the New York Balloon Festival in August.

Crazy schedule, but we’re lucky to be so busy.

A custom set of Wedding Banners just arrived and we set them up on the beach for a photo shoot.

We're not selling this style of banners, but we might make them available for a special-event rental program. You can do the same!! (See the note at the end of this report.

Wedding Banners

In Wildwood, we spoke to a fellow kiter who was challenged at the airport when he tried to check kites in a standard golf case. The airlines are charging extra for anything and everything now. Golf and ski cases are allowed. But one airline said they actually had to contain clubs or skis. That’s discrimination at best and extortion at worst.

I only fly United. And in case of questions, I carry a letter they gave me years ago. Download a copy here and put it in your document case. Never know when it might come in handy.

And finally, if any of you are regretting missing the kite pin craze a few years ago, a good friend of mine has decided to part with his massive collection. There are 2000 pins, including a number of rare collectibles line the Ray Bethell set, mass ascensions, and Long Beach VIP pins.

Pins Pins

Classic kite pins at $5 each would be a bargain! But this set is going for half that!! You get the entire collection for $5500.

Banner Sale:

If you like the idea of setting up a larger banner display, or renting out sets for special events, we're here to help you make it happen.

Order three or more of our WindFeather Banners between now and the end of June, and we'll drop the price 20%. Prices start at $130 including the 16 foot banner and exclusive WindRuler pole. And the pole alone is an $84 value! This offer does not include custom designs. But it does include the cool American Flag banner group of eight pieces. So check out our banner pages and start thinking....

American Flag Group

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