June 11, 2008
High Desert Get-Away
High Desert Cowboys

As I explained last Update, Susie and I are booked the next seven weeks in a row. We’re off to Ocean Shores, Washington, Saint-Honoré dans l'Vent in Quebec, the Lincoln City Octopus Fly at the end of June, and then ten days in South Africa at the start of July. (We’re going back to CapeTown in October with a team.) We’re also doing Brookings, Berkeley, and then the New York Balloon Festival in August.

So there is a good chance we'll see you somewhere soon!

High Desert Cowboys

The schedule left us with a birthday weekend at home, so Susie spirited me off to her favoirte get-away in the Oregon High Desert. We spent the weekend hiking, biking, horse riding, and dancing.

Ok, so we also spent time eating, drinking, and sleeping.

And trust me -- a hot tub feels really good after a nice long ride on a big, WIDE horse.

High Desert Cowboys

Check back next weeks for some kite photos and news! Meanwhile, we're continuing the Banner Sale we announced in the Update last week.

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