June 16, 2008
Brisk Winds Over Ocean Shores

I’m just back from a great flying weekend in Ocean Shores. Many of you visited for the AKA Convention last year. Each June, we drive out onto the same beach and loft a show.

Washington State is great for these kinds of events because they actually let you drive onto the sand. Cars line up along the edge of the field and you pull kites out of the trunk and into the arena. Of course, none of us wants to drag bags too far, so if the winds turns south, it can produce a tangled mess real quickly.

OC Panorama

Uncooperative breezes were not a problem this weekend. In fact, the wind was near perfect. Put a kite up in the morning and pull it down before dinner. The fields were well marked and spectators tended to stay in the spectating area.

It doesn’t take many big Suttons with streamers to fill up even the largest flying field. And the Washington Coast is known for these gentle giants. They create a solid ceiling for the event and are ideal lifters for just about anything you might want to add below.

Big Suttons Big Suttons Big Suttons Big Suttons Big Suttons Big Suttons Big Suttons

Our inflatables included two Octopus, a Penguin, giant Fish, Crab, and Manta Ray. They drew attention from everyone walking the field line. But higher up, it was the 450s that brought people from the main street in town, out onto the beach.

Cool Inflatables Cool Inflatables Cool Inflatables

Cool Inflatables Rotating Box Cool Inflatables

Further down the shore, sport kite competitions kept the dual-liners busy.

Driving out of town, I noticed that the Convention Center was booked with a convention for the Archdiocese of Seattle. A gathering of fathers on …. Father’s Day?? Naw – just a coincidence.

Sled Package:

You don’t need to drop $1200 on a big 450 to put up a fun show! Casey Shearer pulled a couple of our pieces out of his bag that surprised even me with their simplicity, stability, and great looks!

The 40 square foot Super Sled sells for $56. Put one together with a 25 foot matching Pennant for $29 and you have an effective and inexpensive package. Choose red, yellow, or purple. Add a dowell stiffener to the tail to polish the look.

We liked the idea so much, we’re going to put them on sale! Buy one set at $72 – a 15% savings. Buy two for $136 – a 20% savings. Buy all three for $191 – save 25%!

This offer is good through the end of June.

And Casey – you have a $50 credit coming…

Sled and Tail

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