October 24
Special Offers and Okra!

I must be traveling too much...

In last week's Update, I announced that I would be in North Carolina on Friday. I'd been at an event *every* weekend for five weeks, and I was ready to head to the airport again on Friday at about 5 am. But Marty Groet emailed Tuesday, right after the Update went online, to remind me that the festival in Atlantic Beach started on the 27th. "Coming early??" he asked...

No -- I just plain forgot there was a free weekend in the month. Good thing Marty asked too. I would have been real embarrassed at the airport with all that baggage and nowhere to go!

Check the bottom of this report for more news on what the WACKOS in Carolina have planned for me when I finally get there.

By now you are familiar with Hagaman Parafoils. They are simply the best foils available. Since Doug's death, these fine lifters have been made by Stan Swanson for the scientific community and aresold for $20 a square foot. Seldom do original Hagamans come on the market. But GKPI has two very special ones for you.

We are now offering two original kites, hand sewn by Doug himself, and in excellent condition. They both feature a distinctive red, white and blue motif with stars, although if you look closely, you will see they are different. The one on the left is 60 square feet. On the right is a mammoth 130 square foot power lifter.

60 sq ft Hagaman 130 sq ft Hagaman

Kites this size, new, would sell today for $1200 and $2400 respectively. We have these two for $1000 and $1500. There are only two kites and we don't know when or if we will ever see another two.

Here is another deal. It is a superb Cody War Kite. This model -- in sparkeling navy blue - has a five foot wing span and normally sells for $425. During the next ten days, you can have it for $325..

Blue Cody Blue Cody Blue Cody

Ok -- on Friday, I'm really, really off to North Carolina to take part in the Atlantic Beach Festival, courtesy of Jerri and Don Dixon at Kites Unlimited.

When I was down in Florida for the AKA convention, I challenged all the members there to go out and recruit a new "Member in November". The WACKOS Kite Club took me at my word and did just that. But they want something in return. They want a photo of me eating the club's favorite local delicacy - okra pickles - and looking like I enjoy it.

For those of you not familiar with okra -- it is a slimy sour vegetable that looks like a banana slug and tastes like a combination of wallpaper paste and snot. But far be it from me to refuse any challenge for the betterment of our kite association. Although I'm a bit worried that word will spread and that I'll be faced with poi from Hawaii, vegimite sandwiches, and Road-Kill Possum from Georgia.

I agreed to eat the pickle. But I countered that a larger pickle should be worth five new members, not three.

The response from WACKOS? "It is the sense of the organization that we would be best advised to see the picture, judge the size of your okra and respond accordingly. Many a man in a similar situation has been known to overstate the size of his okra....."

I have a bad feeling this isn't over yet.

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