August 19, 2008
Shelf Cleaning Sale

We’re headed for Long Beach on Thursday morning. Meanwhile, we’re checking the top shelves and back corners of the warehouse for anything that has been here too long and needs a new home.

Here’s a few examples:

Opera Mask

Chinese Opera Mask:

This intese flying creation measures ten feet wide and thirty feet long with the connected tube tails. It is patterned after the classic performance masks of the Beijing Opera.

This is a great flying kite, designed by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain. He's completely soft, fully inflatable and performs with or without a lifter. Mesh openings and zippered vents help with inflation and deflation. (Click on the image to see the entire kite.)

Normally $1250, we'll take off 20% and sell him for $1000 during the Shelf Sale.

PL Fish: One of the largest profiles of any "medium" sized Lynn kite! One of the lowest prices too! Just $1000 for the big 30 foot model.And for the Shelf Sale, we're marking it down to $800.

The larger ize is 30 feet long and 10 feet wide with gleaming teeth, huge eyes, and long flowing fins. The one we have in stock is the cool color combo.

Peter Lynn Fish

Flying Crown
Click here for a short movie

Gomberg Crowns:

You have seen GKPI's exclusive "Flying Crowns" at festivals an on the covers of your kite magazines. They are fantastic!! And they're big too -- a full 8 meters tall. (That's more than 26 feet to those of you metrically challenged.) Click the photo for a different view. The list price oin a Crown is $1000. But we have a warm one here that we're marking down to $800 during the Shelf Sale.

The Factory Outlet has been loaded up with lots of new stuff. Go take a look and see if there is something there you really need.

Here's a few examples:

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