August 28, 2008
Three Good Days in Long Beach

It was a tough Long Beach this year. The winds blew hard, the rain fell sideways, thunder flashed, and for only the second time in 27 years, the festival was closed down because of dangerous weather conditions. That was Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Fortunately, I arrived on Thursday.

Registered  Fliers

On Thursday, puffy clouds and blue skies made for good flying. Fliers lucky enough to earn parking passes congregated early along Bolstad Street and others parked on the sand and watched the tide inch in.

Cody Fliers

South of Bolstad, exhibitions, ascensions and competitions filled the schedule. Each day a different kite is featured and each flier earns a pin. Then the judges slect the ten best for special pins and bragging rights.

North of Bolstad North of Bolstad North of Bolstad North of Bolstad

North of Bolstad, the fields are bigger and the schedule less formal. Lifters and inflatables are the kites of choice and Im pleased to say that GKPI was very well represented.

North of Bolstad North of Bolstad North of Bolstad

Long Beach has strong support from the city and a wealth of long-time volunteers for each of the many programs. On the big kite fields, Serious Kiters were everywhere.

Serious Kiters Serious Kiters Serious Kiters Serious Kiters Serious Kiters Serious Kiters Serious Kiters

For the most part, these were fliers who knew the fields, knew the conditions and knew their kites. They were serious and experienced. But they were also happy to share their knowledge and help newer kiters.

Trilobite Launch Trilobite Launch Trilobite Launch

Evening highlights included a Museum reception to honor the newest inductee into the Kite Hall of Fame, and a dinner/auction on Saturday.

Sunday morning, I spread gear across the hotel parking lot and repacked for the next trip.

Long Beach had enjoyed three good days. As I crunched the last of six bags, the rain started again.

Then Susie and I headed for the Portland Airport. More about that next week!

Registered  Fliers

All those Trilobites looked great in the Washington skies. Maybe youd like to be flying one too.

Order a small or mid-sized Tril before September 10 and well take 20% off.

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